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All About Heart Disease
Diagnosed with Heart Disease? Learn all you need to know about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments for all types of heart disease.
What Is a Heart Face Shape? - Beauty - About.com
Learn all about heart face shapes and what they look like. Here, see information about heart face shapes to determine whether or not you have one.
Shoulder-Length Hair and Heart Faces - Beauty - About.com
Learn helpful information about shoulder-length hair and heart faces before you head to the salon. Here, see tips for styling shoulder-length hair and heart faces.
The Heart - The Body's Most Important Organ - Biology - About.com
The heart is the organ that supplies blood and oxygen to all parts of the body.
How To Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease
If you've been diagnosed with heart disease or are concerned about keeping it at bay, there are lots of simple ways to change your habits and protect your heart.
Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces: Long Choppy Bob - Beauty
I absolutely adore this long, graduated bob with a bit of wave in it as seen here on actress Ali Larter. It's a look that's particularly flattering on heart-shaped faces  ...
Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces: 20 Flattering Cuts - Beauty
Not all hairstyles are flattering on heart-shaped faces, find out which ones are best for your face shape (and which ones will make your jaw look even more ...
Heart Failure Basics - Heart Disease - About.com
If you have been told you have heart failure, learning all you can about this condition is the best thing you can to to help yourself.
What You Should Know About Stress and Heart Disease
Jun 5, 2014 ... For years it has been “common knowledge” that people who are under a lot of stress have an increased risk of heart disease. But is this ...
The Heart Disease and Cardiology Home Page
The starting place for exploring information on heart disease and cardiology.
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