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How to Make Your Own Custom Stamp Carving - Rubber Stamping
There are many reasons why carving your own stamps is a good idea. ... Why spend a lot of money buying this type of stamp when one can quickly be made at  ...
How to Buy Your First Rubber Stamps - Rubber Stamping - About.com
The choice of stamp can be daunting for a beginner and the temptation to ... There are two very good reasons why planning the first stamp purchase is important:.
American Revolution: The Stamp Act of 1765 - Military History
The Stamp Act of 1765 was passed by Parliament to raise money to pay for British troops in North America. Taxing paper products, the Stamp Act was violently ...
Three Good Reasons to Request a Duplicate Passport
Here are three reasons why you need a second duplicate passport! ... For example: a passport stamp from Israel can make it very difficult (if not impossible) to ...
Causes of the American Revolution - American History - About.com
1765 - Stamp Act Congress In 1765, 27 delegates from nine colonies met in New York City and drew up a statement of rights and grievances thereby bringing ...
The Exotic Hobby of Stamp Collecting - Stamps - About.com
All you need as a traveling companion is a worldwide stamp collection. ... One of the reasons stamp collecting's ranks are thinner today is because we can go to ...
Why Britain Taxed American Colonists - European History - About.com
The Stamp Tax was a charge applied on every piece of paper used in the legal system and in the media. Every newspaper, every bill or court paper, had to be ...
Denied Boarding by Ryanair Reasons - Spain Travel - About.com
Reasons Ryanair may deny boarding. ... Reasons Passengers Have Been Denied Boarding by Ryanair ... No Stamp on Boarding Pass (non-EU citizens)
Samuel Adams | American Patriot Samuel Adams - American History
Three tax measures that Adams opposed were the Sugar Act of 1764, the Stamp Act of 1765, and the Townshend Duties of 1767. He believed that as the British ...
American Revolution Causes - Military History
On March 22, 1765, Parliament passed the Stamp Act which called for tax stamps to be placed on all paper goods sold in the colonies. This represented the first ...
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