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Free Printable 2013 CD Case Calendar - Typewriter Font


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Free Printable 2013 CD Case Calendar With Typewriter Font
January 2013 CD Case Calendar - Typewriter Font

January 2013 CD Case Calendar - Typewriter Font

Kate Pullen
This is another in our series of free 2013 CD case calendar templates for you to download. This version uses a retro inspired typewriter font and this is suitable for use within many design themes. We also have a plain font and whimsical font in the same series. This calendar template has been designed so that you can choose where to position the dates. If you want the dates at the top, centrally, at the base or at an angle, simply use a cd case insert as a guide to cut around. The calendar is saved at 150 dpi which will give you good quality prints. More information about making a cd case calendar is available here - CD Case Calendar Tutorial. We have some tips and advice for making handmade calendars here - How to Make Calendars.

More Free 2013 Calendars

More free 2013 calendars are available here - 2013 Calendars

How to Save and Print the 2013 Calendars

To save and print the calendar simply click on the image above until you see the full size image (you may need to click twice, depending on your browser), then right click and save the image to your computer and print as required.

Why Make a Calendar?

While it is possible to buy calendars with a wide range of different themes and images, there is nothing quite like making your own calendar. Calendars make great gifts and they can be lovely personal gifts when they are created using family photos, quotes or saying that are special or meaningful for the recipient, hand stamped images that hold a secret meaning etc. If you are making a cd case calendar this year then here are some tips:
  • Old photos make a great addition to a calendar as a gift or present. If you are planning on creating a calendar using old photos, make sure that you are not using the original or only images. Scan the images first so that you have another copy. This also gives you the opportunity to touch the images up if required before use.
  • Print the calendar pages onto good quality paper. Very thin paper may give a slightly transparent effect which can spoil the finished effect of your calendar.
  • Take photos of your finished calendars. You can use this as a reference when planning future projects. You could also send a photo of your finished project to us here, we love to see what you do with our templates and printables.
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