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Dodecahedron 2013 Calendar Template


2013 Dodecahedron Calendar Template
Dodecahedron Calendar

Dodecahedron Calendar

Kate Pullen
This template shape is brand new for 2013. For a complete list of our free printable 2013 calendars for your rubber stamping and paper craft projects check out this page - 2013 Printable Calendars.The 12 sides of a dodecahedron shape is perfect for a desk calendar. While it is a little fiddly to make, the finished result is worth the trouble. If you have some small rubber stamps then add a stamped image or two to the template before you fold it, to create a custom look and to add some color to your finished calendar.

2013 Printable Dodecahedron Template

The shape is made from two pieces. The templates are available for you to download below. Simply right click on the image and save the file to your computer.

How to Make a Dodecahedron Desk Calendar

All you require to make this desk calendar is some cardstock to print the template onto and some basic crafting supplies including a pair of scissors, a bone folder and some glue or adhesive tape.
  • Print the two templates and cut the templates from the cardstock. Use a bone folder to score along the fold lines. This will help to give you good, crisp folds which will make finishing the dodecahedron shape easier.
  • Stamp any images or add decorations as required.
  • Join the edges together on one piece of the dodecahedron.
  • Join the edges together on the second piece however leave one face open so you can lift it up like a flap.
  • Start to attach the two pieces of the dodecahedron shape together, starting at the edge furthest away from the open piece. The open piece will allow you to access the inside of the shape and make sure that the edges are firmly adhered.
  • Finally attach the two edges of the open piece to complete the shape. Leave to one side to allow the glue or adhesive to thoroughly dry before handling the desk calendar

Tips for Making a Dodecahedron Calendar

Here are some tips for making a dodecahedron calendar:
  • Use cardstock which is as heavy as your printer can comfortably cope with. Thin paper or cardstock will result in a flimsy structure.
  • Remember to leave one open face, this makes the construction a lot more straight forward.
  • Add stamped images before folding the paper. Try rubbing an ink pad down the folded edges to disguise the fold lines
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