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Free Printable 2013 CD Case Calendar


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Free Printable 2013 CD Case Calendar
January 2013 CD Case Calendar

January 2013 CD Case Calendar

Kate Pullen
Here are free printable 2013 cd case calendar templates for you to download and use in your own projects. These calendar template has been designed so that you can choose where to position the dates. If you want the dates at the top, centrally, at the base or at an angle, simply use a cd case insert as a guide to cut around. The calendar is saved at 150 dpi which will give you good quality prints.

How to Save and Print the 2013 Calendars

To save and print the calendar simply click on the image above until you see the full size image (you may need to click twice, depending on your browser), then right click and save the image to your computer and print as required.

How to Make a CD Case Calendar

CD case calendars are a fun alternative to traditional desk diaries. All you need to make a cd case calendar is an unwanted cd case and a printable calendar such as one of the ones that we offer here. The calendar pages sit inside the top of the cd case. For more information about making a cd case calendar why not check out this tutorial - CD Case Calendar Tutorial. We have some tips and advice for making handmade calendars here - How to Make Calendars.

More Free 2013 Calendars

More free 2013 calendars are available here - 2013 Calendars

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