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A Range of Free Printable 2013 Calendar Templates

Pick from a Wide Range of Calendar Styles


Make your own customized 2013 calendars using these templates. You'll find a wide range of styles to choose from, including CD case 2013 calendar blanks and 2013 digital stamp calendars. These are perfect for rubber stamping projects. Scroll down the page to see the full list of calendar for you to download and print.

These calendars blanks can be decorated in a variety of ways. Add rubber stamped images, photos or other embellishments to create your own custom calendars. You will find different fonts and layouts which means that there are calendar blanks here for a wide variety of tastes and styles.

2013 Calendar Portrait Style

This is a versatile calendar template that offers plenty of space at the top for adding your own decorations or photographs. This calendar has a typewriter font. We have another alternative with a handwriting font. This is available here - 2013 Portrait Style Calendar Handwriting Font.

2013 Business Card Calendars

These are really cute little calendars that will make a great gift. The calendars are formed like a mini book and are something a little different. Add a rubber stamped decoration to the front page to customize these calendars.

2013 Landscape Calendar Template

The dates on this 2013 calendar are in the center and the calendar is in landscape orientation. This means that the calendar can be come an integral part of your design and you can decorate the calendar in a number of ways, such as creating a stamped frame around the calendar dates. This is in a typewriter font. A 2013 calendar with a handwriting font is available here - Handwriting Font 2013 Calendar

2013 CD Calendar Template

Month by month template for creating rubber stamped 2013 CD case calendars. Print the calendar onto plain paper and use a CD case as a guide for cutting. This template is without guidelines so you can place the dates where ever you like on the calendar and even have a different layout for every month if you fancy creating something a little different. We also have a CD case with a typewriter font and handwriting font. These are available here:

A CD case calendar is a fun and effective rubber stamping project, and a great way to practice different rubber stamping techniques. Use a template to create the calendar and then decorate the template with your favorite rubber stamps and embellishments. In a few quick steps a CD case is taken apart and reassembled so that the top of the CD case forms a standing calendar. Find out how to make a CD case calendar here - How to Make a CD Case Calendar.

Printable Month Name Headers

These printable month headers give the name of the month in outline. This means that you can color the image to complement the color scheme of your project. These printable month names are ideal for many projects including scrapbook pages.

2013 Digital Stamp Calendar

Download these png format 2013 digital stamp calendars to use in your digital stamping projects. The files have a transparent background which means that they can be combined with other digital images in digital stamping, digital scrapbooking and other digital craft projects.

2013 Digital Stamp Header

This free printable 2013 header is ideal for adding to your handmade 2013 calendars. This 2013 header has a bold design and can be colored in a variety of ways. We also have a 2013 paper piecing pattern that will be handy for your projects. This can be found here - 2013 Paper Piecing Pattern.

Calendar Blanks to Purchase

You will also find blank calendars online to purchase. Here's a selection with price comparisons for you to take a look at.

2013 Clip Art Calendar

Here's a free 2013 clip art calendar for you to decorate. This calendar is available for printing from the Clip Art About.com site. Follow the link below to go to the calendar page.

2013 Printable Coloring Calendar

Printable coloring calendar for each month of the school year.
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