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Free Printable Jack O'Lantern Invitations


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Free Printable Jack O´Lantern Invitation
Jack O´Lantern(remember to click on image to see the full size version)

Jack O´Lantern Invitation (remember to click on image to see the full size version)

Kate Pullen

If you are holding a pumpkin carving party or want to use a Jack O'Lantern to make Halloween or Thanksgiving invitations party then these images will be ideal (more information and ideas about how to hold a pumpkin carving party is available here - Hold a Pumpkin Carving Party).

Jack O´Lantern Invitation

There are three versions of the invitation available. The first is a plain black and white outline. This is ideal if you want to add your own color using pencils, ink or paint. The second image is a striking combination of purple and orange. The third image uses orange and black which makes it well suited to Halloween invitations. The image is 4" x 4" and is saved at a high resolution which means, if you're printing this on a standard desktop printer, that you should be able to increase the size by up to double without seeing any great loss of quality.

Download the Free Jack O´Lantern Invitations

To download the Jack O´Lantern invitations simply click on the link below to open the image. Click on the photo to see the full size version and then save the file to your computer:

Jack O´Lantern Digital Stamp

This image is also available as a free digital stamp - Jack O'Lantern Digital Stamp

How to Use the Printable Invitations

To use the printable invitations simply print the images onto good quality paper. Then trim the image and attach this to the front of a card blank or plain postcard. Alternatively, print the invitations onto cardstock to create your invitations. Here are some tips for using these printable invitations:
  • Use decorative edge scissors to cut around the image before attaching it to a card blank or plain postcard. This will give an attractive patterned edge of the paper.
  • Color the edge of the paper with marker pens or an ink pad. Use a coordinating color and this will help to draw together your design and create a more 'finished' feel to your project.
  • Use rubber stamps to decorate the invitations further or to add a suitable sentiment.

More Free Printable Invitations

More printable invitations are available:
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