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Make Salt Dough Decorations for Valentine's Day


Make Salt Dough Decorations and Ornaments for Valentine's Day
Salt dough ornaments for Valentine's Day

Salt dough heart ornaments for Valentine's Day

Kate Pullen
If you are looking to make some decorations and ornaments this year to make Valentine's Day that little bit more extra special, how about making some salt dough ornaments? If this conjures up memories of school crafting projects then think again! With a little thought and a few basic crafting materials, surprisingly sophisticated ornaments can be created. Use your stamps to decorate the surface of the salt dough before drying, or stamp decorations after the dough has dried. You can stamp romantic themed designs or use alphabet stamps to stamp out a special message.

How to Make Valentine's Day Ornaments from Salt Dough

If you are unfamiliar with salt dough or need some ideas for recipes then take a look at this profile page - Salt Dough and Rubber Stamping. To make Valentine's Day salt dough decorations then a few basic supplies are required:
  • Cookie Cutters - while cookie cutters aren't essential when making ornaments, they are certainly a help. A cookie cutter or two will help you create a large number of identically shaped ornaments, which is useful if you want to make some as a collection or to give as gifts. A heart shape, of course, is particularly well suite to Valentine's Day, however you could also make plain disc shapes or squares and stamp a heart shape or romantic message onto these.
  • Rubber Stamps - any rubber stamps will work well, however if you are stamping an impression into the surface then stamps that are deeply etched will give the best results. The surface of baked salt dough may be a little uneven, therefore smaller images may work better than large images that could look uneven. Remember to clean your stamps well after use.
  • Ink and paint - stamp ink onto the unbaked clay to emphasize the stamped impression or use paints or ink after the dough has been dried to add color to the surface.
  • Clear varnish - to seal the ornaments if required. This will protect them and make them longer lasting.
  • Embellishments - you can really go to town with the embellishments. Pieces of lace, bows made from silk ribbon, feathers and other embellishments can really give the ornaments a romantic feel.

Salt Dough Valentine's Day Decorations Instructions

To make salt dough decorations similar to those in photo above:
  • Roll out a sheet of salt dough and cut out shapes. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make heart shaped ornaments. Use a straw to make a hole in the top of each ornament.
  • To make impressed designs in the surface of the salt dough ink your stamp and carefully press the stamp into the surface.
  • When you are happy with the finished results leave the decorations to dry or place them in an oven on a low heat (under 200F) to dry. The length of time that it takes for the ornaments to completely dry will depend on the thickness of the dough and the consistency. However this is not to be hurried as if there is any moisture left in the dough the finished items could go moldy.
  • Stamp the surface of the dried clay and give the finished ornaments a coat of clear varnish. This will seal the ornaments, give them added protection and stop the dried dough from absorbing moisture in the future. If you are not planning on keeping the ornaments you can skip this step.
  • Add any other embellishments required
  • Thread a piece of nylon thread, ribbon or string through the finished shapes to complete your decorations.

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