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Advent Calendar Treat Pyramid Box Template


Advent Calendar Treat Pyramid Box Template
Advent Pyramid Box Template

Advent Pyramid Box Template

Kate Pullen
These small treat boxes are perfect for an Advent display. Pop a treat or a special message into each box and enjoy the countdown to Christmas. Of course, these little boxes can be adapted to make a fun countdown display for other occasions too. Simply change the color of the paper and other decorations to make your own custom displays. There are two versions available, one with the numbers ready printed and the other blank so you can add your own numbers. We have also included a set of numbers that you can print separately. This is useful if you want to print a master template and then cut this from decorative paper or cardstock.

Download the Advent Treat Pyramid Box Templates

The templates are available to download on the following pages. To save the pages, simply click to open the image, right click and save to your computer:

How to Make the Advent Treat Pyramid Boxes

These little boxes are very simple to make, however you can have fun decorating the boxes! Create your own custom look with stamped image or add other embellishments such as stickers or glitter glue. Instead of adding the numbers to the boxes, why not make little flags for the top of the box. A cupcake flag attached to a cocktail stick would be perfect. Check out these templates - Blank Cupcake Flag Template. The pyramid face with the number on it is designed to be opened. Seal this with a small sticker or piece of adhesive tape. As an alternative or in addition to adding a small treat, why not write a small message on the inside of the pyramid box?


You will require paper or cardstock, basic crafting supplies such as scissors and glue, and some tape or a sticker to hold the box closed. A useful tool is a paper scorer. Scoring the fold lines will help to give good, crisp creases which will give a professional finishing touch to your project. Tip: if you don't have a paper scorer or bone folder then an empty ball point pen can be used. Simply use a ruler to 'draw' along the fold line.

Adding Decorations

When you add the decorations depends on how you plan the finished look of your pyramid boxes. If you are making an all over stamped design, it is best to do this before you score and fold the paper. If, however, you are looking to attach embellishments, then this might be best done when the boxes have been constructed so you can see where to place the embellishment on the finished design.


  1. Print the templates you require. If necessary, transfer the image to the paper or cardstock with a pencil.
  2. Cut the shapes from the paper and score along the fold lines. Fold along the fold lines.
  3. Add the printed numbers if you are using the blank template.
  4. Use adhesive to attach one edge of the pyramid together.
  5. Add a treat and seal the box with a small piece of adhesive tape or a decorative sticker

More Information

More information about using templates is available here - Tips for Using Templates. More information about Advent calendars is available here - DIY Advent Calendars.

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