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Quick Cardmaking Tips: Print Sentiments and Greetings

Print sentiments and greetings for your handmamde cards.


Don't forget that you can use your printer to print sentiments and greetings for your handmade cards. This can be a great way to produce sentiments using an appropriate font and color to complement your card design. A few well chosen words can be a great addition to your card making projects and is the perfect way to customize your cards. If you are looking for sentiments or greetings for handmade cards then don't forget to check out this list - Greeting Card Sentiments

Printing your own sentiments for card making projects is a good way to create your own unique and custom sentiments. This is also a great money saving idea as it saves you having to buy sentiment rubber stamps or stickers for every occasion.

Tips for Adding Printed Sentiments to Cards

Here are some tips for adding printed sentiments to your handmade cards:
  • Use good quality paper to print your sentiments. To get the most from a single sheet of paper, print several different sentiments and keep those you don't use for other occasions.
  • Ink the edge of the paper or draw a frame using a pen in a color that complements your project. This will help the printed sentiment to blend into your design and stop it from looking like an after thought.
  • Save the sentiments on the computer for future use, simply change the font to create a completely different look.

Do You Have a Card Making Tip to Share?

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