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Christmas Icicle Box - Festive Holidays Icicle Box


Christmas Icicle Box - Festive Holidays Icicle Box
Festive Christmas Icicle Box

Festive Christmas Icicle Box

Kate Pullen

This icicle box, or carrot box, is a versatile little box and perfect for Christmas and the holidays. The long thin shape also makes the box ideal for use as an ornament or decoration. Make a box or two to hold candies or other treats and use as festive party favors or use the box to make unusual tree decorations. The box is simple to make using the free printable template - Icicle Box Template. The box can be scaled up or down in size as required.

The icicle or carrot box is easy to make, however for best results it is a good idea to score along the fold lines to give clean edges to the box. The top of the box can be decorated in a number of ways. To make the box extra festive don't forget to add plenty of glitter glue and embellishments. I used some complementary colored beads to make a finishing flourish for the gift box or ornament.

Note: The box is squeezed slightly to close the top, therefore it is best not to overfill it.

Materials Required

  • Template (see Icicle Box Template)
  • Medium weight cardstock
  • Festive rubber stamps and ink, embossing powder if required
  • Ribbon, beads, glitter or other embellishments
  • Glue, scissors and other basic craft supplies


  1. Either print the template onto scrap paper and transfer this to good paper or print the template directly onto good paper.
  2. Decorate the paper with rubber stamps, heat embossing if required.
  3. Cut around the template and score along the fold lines as indicated.
  4. If you are going to add glitter glue to the icicle box, it is best to do it now, before folding the box.
  5. Use adhesive or double sided tape to join the edges of the festive icicle box. Carefully fold the top flaps over to seal the top of the box. The two larger flaps connect to close the box.
  6. Add any further embellishments such as the beaded tassel in the picture.
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