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Christmas Pyramid Box - Festive Holidays and Christmas Gift Box & Ornament


Christmas Pyramid Box - Festive Holidays and Christmas Gift Box & Ornament
Festive Christmas and Holidays Gift Box

Festive Christmas and Holidays Gift Box

Kate Pullen

This festive Christmas pyramid box is easy to make using the free printable template - Pyramid Box Template. The template is available in two sizes. The small pyramid box is ideal for holding a small Christmas or holiday gift and would make a great tree decoration. The larger pyramid box would hold some candies or a larger gift. Make a number of these festive gift boxes and hang them from trees as decoration or hang them from a ribbon or cord for an unusual garland idea.

The pyramid box is easy to make, however for best results it is a good idea to score along the fold lines to give clean edges to the box. The box can be fastened in a number of ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Glue all edges together to permanently close the box. This makes the box strong, however will mean that the box needs to be torn open.
  • Punch a hole in the top of each flap and thread a piece of ribbon or cord through this to shut the box. This is particularly handy for hanging the boxes up as decorations.
  • Cut the inside from a square of cardboard and place this over the pyramid to hold the edges together. This is very effective and presents plenty of creative design opportunities.

Materials Required

  • Template (Pyramid Box Template)
  • Medium weight cardstock
  • Festive rubber stamps, ink and embossing powders
  • Ribbon, glitter, beads or other embellishments
  • Glue, scissors and other basic craft supplies


  1. Either print the template onto scrap paper and transfer this to good paper or print the template directly onto good paper. If you are going to decorate the paper with rubber stamps and heat embossing then it is better to do it now, before the paper is folded.
  2. Cut around the template and score along the fold lines as indicated.
  3. Use adhesive or double sided tape to join the sides of the pyramid box as required.
  4. Add further decorations and embellishments. I dotted glitter along the edges of the pyramid box and made a hole through the top of the box to thread a beaded hanging loop so the box can be hung from a tree.
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