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Make a Glass Jar Candle Holder With Vellum and Rubber Stamps


Make a Christmas Candle Holder
Make a Candle Holder for Christmas

Make a Candle Holder for Christmas

Kate Pullen
Use simple rubber stamping techniques to decorate a glass jar to create a festive Christmas candle holder. This is a perfect candle holder for a small candle or a tea-light. An image is rubber stamped onto a piece of vellum and this is attached to the jar. The translucent vellum allows candle light to shine through and gives a lovely glow. Add further decorations to the candle holder such as ribbon and beads.

Vellum has a smooth surface and needs a little care when used in rubber stamping projects. A pigment ink should be used and this is best heat set using a heat tool or embossed. This will stop the ink from smudging or smearing.

Materials Required
  • Glass jar
  • Piece of vellum to fit around the glass jar
  • Ribbon to decorate the candle holder
  • Rubber stamp as required
  • Pigment ink
  • Embossing powder
  • Heat tool
  • Pencils, pens or paint to add color
  • Glue (a pva or tacky glue will work well)
  • Scissors, ruler and a pencil
  1. Cut a piece of vellum to fit around the jar. Lightly mark with pencil where the stamp is to be positioned.
  2. Stamp an image onto the vellum and use a heat tool to set the ink or heat emboss as required.
  3. Color the image. Bright and vibrant colors will give a stained glass effect when a candle is lit.
  4. Attach the vellum to the glass jar using a fine line of glue. Although this glue will show through the vellum, this will be hidden by the ribbon.
  5. Add ribbon at the top and the bottom of the vellum to disguise the joins and add a ribbon at the top.
  6. Add any further embellishments or decorations and enjoy!
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