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Rubber Stamp Polymer Clay Ornaments for Christmas and the Holidays


Rubber Stamp Polymer Clay Ornaments for Christmas and the Holidays
Polymer Clay Ornament

Polymer Clay Ornament

Kate Pullen

Make your own easy polymer clay ornaments using your favorite rubber stamps. This is a quick Christmas craft project which is also ideal for children. The ornaments would also make great looking card toppers or gift tags.

This simple polymer clay ornament is made by baking pieces of polymer clay and decorating these with rubber stamps. Color has been added with marker pens which give a bright and vibrant finish. The finished polymer clay ornament can be embellished with dots of glitter glue, stick on jewels or other festive adornments. A permanent ink such as StazOn or Ranger Archival inks work best with this project. Many shapes can be used to make pretty ornaments. I used a simple square cookie cutter, however cookie cutters in festive shapes would also work well (do not use a cookie cutter that has been used for polymer clay and craft work with food, once used with polymer clay, cookie cutters should be dedicated to craft use).

Materials Required

  • White polymer clay
  • Polymer clay tools, including craft rolling pin and cutting knife
  • Cookie cutters if required
  • Festive rubber stamps
  • Inks and marker pens
  • Craft wire or ribbon to hang the ornament and beads if required


  1. Condition the polymer clay well before use - see How to Condition Polymer Clay for more information
  2. Roll the polymer clay into a thin sheet using a craft rolling pin or pasta maker
  3. Cut out shapes from the polymer clay sheet as required
  4. Make a hole in the polymer clay shapes so that the finished ornament can be hung from a wire or ribbon
  5. Bake the polymer clay according to the manufacturer's instructions
  6. When the polymer clay is cold, stamp an image as required
  7. Color the stamped image with marker pens and add further embellishments
  8. Thread a piece of ribbon, craft wire or cord through the hole in the polymer clay ornament to hang it, add a couple of beads for a festive finishing touch

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