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Free Printable Gift Tags

Free Printable Gift Tags for All Occasions


Gift tags are useful for adding a personal touch to festive gifts. They can also be used to add interest and dimension to handmade cards, scrapbooks and other projects. Free printable gift tags are perfect for printing and adding to projects. They can be decorated or customized with rubber stamps. This is a round up of some of the free printable gift tags that are available here at About.com.

Gift Tag and Pocket Template

Free Printable Gift Tags
Kate Pullen
Make your own gift tags and pockets with this free printable template. This is perfect for customizing with rubber stamps.

Holiday Gift Tags

Free printable gift tags from Collectibles. The tags feature different collectible items with a festive theme.

Over Sized Gift Tags

These free printable gift tags are approximately 3.75 inches by 9 inches. They are ideal for occasions when you are looking for something a little different. Jacci Howard Bear, About.com Guide to Desktop Publishing, shares these over sized gift tags with us.

Christmas Symbol Gift Tags

Range of Christmas gift tags featuring festive symbols, from About.com Home Schooling.

Christmas Gift Tags

Printable gift tags from About.com Graphics Software Guide, Sue Chastain.

Juice Can Lid Tag

This isn't a printable project, however it is a great idea for making an unusual tag which would also make a festive ornament. Rebecca Ludens, About.com Guide to Scrapbooking explains how.
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