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Handmade gifts are always much appreciated. In this list I've pulled together some projects projects that are perfect for Christmas and holidays gifts.

1. Gifts in a Jar

Gift in a Jar
Kate Pullen
Gifts in jar are quick and simple to make. Any air tight jar can be used and this is an ideal project for recycling old glass jars. Simply add a handmade jar topper and a hand stamped ingredients label and the gift will be transformed from a humble jar to a beautiful gift.

Do you have a favorite gift in a jar recipe to share? If so, why not leave your comment here and share your ideas with others - Gift in a Jar Ideas.

2. Decoupage Gift Box

Decoupage Gift Box
Kate Pullen
Transform a shop-bought papier mache gift box - or any suitably shaped box that you have around the home with rubber stamping and decoupage. This makes a pretty gift, either on its own or filled with some other handmade delights.

3. Seed Paper

Make Seed Paper
Kate Pullen
Seed paper is a card and gift in one and ideal for a green fingered friend of family member. Seed paper, or plantable paper, is made from adding seeds to recycled paper pulp, which is easy to make at home. The paper pulp can be shaped using cookie cutters or cut into shape when dry. The finished seed paper can be added to handmade cards as an embellishment or turned into a gift tag. The lucky recipient can plant the seed paper at a later date and enjoy watching the plants grow.

4. Shrink Plastic Charms

Shrink Plastic Charms
Kate Pullen
These shrink plastic charms are very versatile. They make great items of jewelry and can also be used as phone or bag charms. Add some colored beads to give further interest to the project. Shrink plastic is very light so glass beads will also add some weight.

5. Shrink Plastic Charm Necklace

Plastic Charm Necklace
Kate Pullen
Use your favorite rubber stamps and shrink plastic to make this pretty charm necklace. This would make a great gift for people of all ages. Make the charms in fun and funky styles for a youngster or use more classic designs for someone who appreciates more traditional styles of jewelry.

6. Paper Bead Bag Charms

Paper Bead Bag Charms
Kate Pullen
Paper bead bag charms are a great way to liven up a plain bag. They are simple to make and all that is required is a few paper beads and some glass beads for added sparkle.

7. Shrink Plastic Pendant

Shrink Plastic Pendant
Kate Pullen
Use shrink plastic to make a cute pendant. These are easy to make and are ideal for last minute gifts. The lightweight shrink plastic is perfect for hanging off a ribbon or piece of delicate lace. Make a pair of earrings to go with the necklace for an extra special gift.

8. Shrink Plastic Rings

Shrink Plastic Rings
Kate Pullen
These shrink plastic rings make a great gift for a jewelry lover. Remember when designing a shrink plastic ring that the plastic shrinks substantially, therefore any stamped design will finish a fraction of the original size. This offers all sorts of creative opportunities!

9. Paper Bead Necklace

Paper Bead Necklace
Kate Pullen
Make some paper beads and add some complementary colored glass beads to make a striking necklace. This will make a great gift for someone who loves unusual jewelry.

10. Baby One Piece

Customize a Baby One Piece
Kate Pullen
Don't forget baby! Use rubber stamps to decorate a baby one piece. This is a great way to give a plain baby one piece a make-over and to create a lovely, thoughtful gift. This project can be adapted in a number of ways and other items can be decorated to follow the theme through.

11. Custom Candle

Customize a Candle
Kate Pullen
Candles make great gifts and you can easily customize a plain bought candle to make something really special. Make a rubber stamped Gift Box to present the gift in style.
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