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Decorative Heart Tile Digital Stamp


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Decorative Heart Tile Free Digital Stamp
Decorative Heart Tile (Colored)

Decorative Heart Tile (Colored)

Kate Pullen

This decorative heart tile free digital stamp is ideal for Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversary and other romantic themed projects. Find the free digital stamp on the next page.

Using the Decorative Heart Tile Free Digital Stamp

There are many ways of using this free decorative heart digital stamp. The image is ideal for paper layering projects. Print several copies of the image and carefully cut out separate pieces. Use thick double sided tape or glue dots to compile the image to create a three dimensional finish. The decorative heart tile is also great to use on its own or tile a few together to make a striking display. Use your favorite coloring method to add color to this decorative heart tile digital stamp. A simple heart tile digital stamp is available here - Simple Heart Tile.

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