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Millefiore Tiles Digital Stamps
Millefiore Tiles

Millefiore Tiles

Kate Pullen

These 'Millefiore Tiles' digital stamps are inspired by millefiore beads. The digital stamps are available to download from the following pages. Each tile is made up from a number of patterns which are perfect for coloring with bright colors to really make the images pop from the page. The 'Millefiore Tiles' collection consists of four images. Use these separately or together to produce an interesting panel for a card or other project. The four free digital stamp images are available for you to grab on the following pages.

Tip: If coloring isn't your thing then try printing the images onto brightly colored paper for a quick way to produce great looking results.

For more information about using digital stamps, including how to download and print digital stamps, see - The Complete Guide to Digital Stamps.

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