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Paisley Motif Digital Stamp

Paisley Motif Digital Stamp

Kate Pullen

Grab this 'Paisley' free digital stamp to add to handmade cards and other projects. The stamp is available for download on the next page. This paisley design is inspired by the popular and distinctive paisley motifs that have a long and rich heritage and feature in many cultures.

Print this digital stamp directly onto white paper or cardstock and color with marker pens to produce a bold design or simply print the digital stamp onto colored paper for a quick and colorful finish.

How to Use the Paisley Digital Stamp

This is a versatile stamp. Print and color the image before cutting the paisley motif our and attaching it to a colored card blank as we have done in this image or combine several copies of the image onto a single sheet to create a paisley background for a project. This paisley motif would also make an interesting design for a garland or bunting.

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