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Easter Bunny Digital Stamp


Easter Bunny Digital Stamp
Easter Bunny Digital Stamp

Easter Bunny Digital Stamp

Kate Pullen

Download and add color to this Easter bunny digital stamp before adding it to your Easter crafting projects. This free Easter bunny digital stamp has a simple design and is ideal for coloring with pens and paints or could be used in paper piecing projects.

Tips for Using the Easter Bunny Digital Stamp

Here are some tips for using this Easter bunny digital stamp:
  • Use the basic bunny shape as a template to cut from scrapbooking paper and add this to folded card or card blanks to make a quick Easter card
  • Resize the bunny smaller to make gift tags
  • Print a number of the bunny and use them to make Easter garlands.

For more information about using digital stamps, including how to download and print digital stamps, see - The Complete Guide to Digital Stamps.

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