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Getting Started with Rubber Stamping

Here you will find all the information you require about starting the exciting and versatile craft of rubber stamping.
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A Beginners Guide to Halloween Rubber Stamping
Halloween presents a great opportunity to try rubber stamping! If you have never stamped before then there are plenty of fun and interesting projects that are ideal for beginners. This guide will help you get started!

Add Color to Rubber Stamping Projects
There are many different ways of adding color to rubber stamping projects, ranging from the subtle shades of chalks to the vibrant colors of marker pens. The type of coloring method will help to determine the overall feel of the finished project. Each of these types of coloring media is readily available from stamping and craft stores.

Basic Stamping Supplies
Only a few basic supplies are required to get started stamping. These are the products that get used in stamping projects. Many wonderful rubber stamping projects can be completed by using a few well chosen supplies. Starting with the basics means that new stampers can build up confidence and expertise and buy new fancy supplies when needed.

Beginner Stamping Project
If you are just starting rubber stamping and have just made your first rubber stamping project why not share an image of your work here with others? Post a picture of your first rubber stamping projects and take a look at the work of others.

Character Rubber Stamps
Character rubber stamps contain images of people and animals. These make great focal points for both simple and complex stamping projects.

Essential Equipment Shopping List
This is a list of essential equipment to go with your inks and stamps. This will open up the doors to many exciting projects.

Favorite Rubber Stamp Show and Tell
Every rubber stamper has a favorite rubber stamp. What is yours and why? Use our show and tell feature to share information about your favorite rubber stamp with others.

Five Books for Beginners
We've identified five great books for beginner stampers. These books will both inspire and instruct.

How Do You Store Rubber Stamps - Rubber Stamp Storage Tips
Storing stamps well helps keep your stamps in tip top condition and also helps you to lay your hands on the perfect stamp.

Learn a Craft - Rubber Stamping for Complete Beginners
If you are thinking about learning a craft, but not sure what to try, why not take a look at rubber stamping? This is a great craft for beginners and can open the door to many other arts and crafts.

List of Rubber Stamping Companies with Angel Policies
Most rubber stamp companies have an Angel Policy. An Angel Policy will clearly state whether a particular rubber stamp manufacturer's stamps can be used to make items for sale or other commercial use and any specific requirements. This list highlights some features of the Angel Policies of some popular stamping companies.

Recycle Greeting Cards, Gift Wrap, Bags and Boxes for Use in Stamping Projects
Birthdays and holidays such as Christmas generate lots of items that are perfect for recycling for use in rubber stamping projects. Birthday and Christmas cards, gift wrap and even calendars are great for using in rubber stamping projects.

Rubber Stamp on a Budget - Save Money and Rubber Stamp on a Budget
Make your rubber stamping budget go further using these money saving tips!

Rubber Stamp Storage Tips
Correctly storing rubber stamps will help prolong their life and ensure good reliable stamping results every time.

Rubber Stamping Health and Safety
A few sensible work practices will help to ensure many years of safe and happy stamping! While rubber stamping doesn't present as many hazards as some other crafts, there are some common sense steps that will ensure that health risks are minimized and that stamping can be enjoyed with complete safety.

Rubber Stamping Tips
These tips will help beginner stampers to create great pieces of work!

Rubber Stamps and Polymer Clay
Use rubber stamps with polymer clay to produce interesting effects. You don't need much in the way of special equipment to get started.

The Basics of Rubber Stamping
A beginners guide to rubber stamping. The essentials required to get started rubber stamping.

Tips for Beginners - Readers Tips for Beginners
Do you have a rubber stamping tip to share? What is the best rubber stamping tip you have been given or what is the most important thing that you have learned? Share your thoughts with others!

Tips for Buying Halloween Rubber Stamps
With a little planning, a few Halloween rubber stamps are all that is required for many Halloween rubber stamping projects.

Tips for Picking Your First Stamps
How do you go about picking from the wide range of rubber stamps available to you? The choice of stamp can be daunting for a beginner and the temptation to either come out with lots of unsuitable stamps or none at all can be overwhelming!

Types of Stamps For Stamping Projects
There are many different types of stamp available. We take a look at some of the different types of stamp available and what stamping projects they are particularly suited to.

Use Light Ink on Dark Paper
Use a light colored ink to stamp on dark paper to achieve interesting effects.

What is Rubber Stamping?
We take a look at the craft of rubber stamping and explore some of its uses.

Common Rubber Stamping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Here are some common rubber stamping mistakes and how to avoid them!

Common Stamping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them - Common Stamp…
What mistakes did you make when you started stamping? Did you experience frustrations getting a clear stamped image or vow to give up because you didn't have the right supplies? If so, why not share your experiences with others and tips for how to avoid beginner frustrations.

How to Use or Dispose of Old Stamps
What do you do with your old stamps? Whether you are simply stash-busting and clearing some room for some new stamps or looking to make a bit of money, there are several ways that you can dispose of your old stamps.

How to Use Printable Borders or Frames
Printable frames and borders offer a quick way to make handmade cards, gift tags, scrapbook embellishments and more. Simply add a rubber stamped image or two to complete the project.

Make Your Snowman Stand Out from the Page
Make your rubber stamped snowman come to life by following these tips.

Color Theory for Rubber Stamping
Learn how to use color in your stamping projects and pick the perfect color scheme.

Work Surface for Rubber Stamping
Finding a good work surface is important when planning a rubber stamping project - check out this article to find out why!

The Anatomy of a Mounted Stamp
Knowing the different parts of a mounted stamp is useful when starting out rubber stamping. Understanding the different parts is helpful when buying both mounted and unmounted rubber stamps.

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