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Recycle Greeting Cards, Gift Wrap, Bags and Boxes for Use in Stamping Projects

Green Crafting Supplies Using Recycled Cards, Wrapping Paper and Other Items


recycle gift wrap and cards

Recycle cards, gift wrap and boxes for rubber stamping projects

Kate Pullen

Birthdays and holidays are a great source of materials that can be recycled into rubber stamping projects. These 'treasures' would otherwise be thrown away, so not only does recycling greeting cards such as Christmas cards and birthday cards, wrapping paper, gift bags and boxes etc provide an excellent source of materials, it is also very environmentally friendly!

Many different types of materials can be recycled into rubber stamping projects. Here are a few ideas:

Greeting Cards

Both the front and back of greeting cards such as birthday cards and Christmas cards are easy to recycle into rubber stamping projects.

  • Embellishments - If the card has embellishments or other adornments attached to it then carefully peel these off for reuse. Often all that is required is a dab of glue to give them another lease of life.
  • Back of the card - The back of a greeting card often contains a large plain space and this is perfect for stamping on. Images can be stamped onto this, cut out and attached to other rubber stamping projects.
  • Front of the card – Use a paper punch to punch out shapes from the front of a card. This is a good way to make a lot of embellishments for cards in a wide variety of colors and textures. Both the front and back of the card can be used in other stamping projects by simply adhering a piece of paper to it to cover up a picture or writing.
  • Tags – Greeting cards can be cut up to make gift tags. There are many templates that are ideal for using to create gift tags of all shapes and sizes.

Gift Wrap

Even the most tatty pieces of gift wrap can be used in rubber stamping projects! Discarded pieces of very worn gift wrap can be used as scrap paper. Gift wrap that is still in good condition can be cut or punched to make shapes to use as embellishments or added to a piece of plain cardstock to use as a backing paper for a projects.

Gift Tags

Gift tags are also suitable for recycling. Use a gift tag as a template to cut further tags from, attach paper to a tag to cover pictures or writing and stamp onto this or turn the tag into an 'altered art' project.

Gift Bags and Boxes

Gift bags and boxes are perfect for recycling. Simply add a few rubber stamped images or embellishments to give them a makeover. Rubber stamp a gift tag to complement this and this will give a pretty coordinated look.

Ribbons and Bows

Embellishments like bows and ribbons are perfect for recycling into rubber stamping projects. These can be added to projects as embellishments or simply reused when wrapping a gift or card.


Calendars are another useful item for recycling. Many color calendars are printed onto a thick glossy paper. The rear side of the pages is generally unprinted and this is ideal for using in projects where a glossy paper is required, for instance when working with photo realistic stamps or alcohol inks.

How to Recycle Materials for Rubber Stamping Projects

The best way to recycle these items is to sort them before storing them. This makes them much easier to use. Therefore sort through the cards and take off any embellishments or other items. Identify cards that have a large white space for stamping and put these to one side. Sort through the rest of the items by type. This means that it will be easy to find items as required and may even act as inspiration for some new rubber stamping projects.

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