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Only a few basic supplies are required to get started stamping. Many wonderful rubber stamping projects can be completed by using a few well chosen supplies. Starting with the basics means that new stampers can build up confidence and experience and so develop a better idea of what further supplies they will most need, ensuring that their money is spent wisely.

Inks for Rubber Stamping Projects

Inks for stamping projects
Kate Pullen
There is an amazing selection of inks available for rubber stamping projects. The choice of ink largely depends on the project. Slow drying or embossing inks are necessary for heat embossing whereas dye based inks are ideal for when you are in a hurry. Colored ink pads are great for quickly adding color to a project however a good quality black ink is a 'must' for most stamping projects.


Paper and Cardstock

Paper or cardstock is one of the essentials of rubber stamping. Although it is possible to stamp onto other surfaces such as fabric, glass and even eggs, most projects use paper or cardstock. Paper or cardstock with a smooth surface is the easiest to work on and is best for beginner stampers.


Paints, Chalks or Marker Pens to Add Color to Stamped Images

Colored pencils
Kate Pullen
Many rubber stamped images require a little color to bring them to life, whether this is to give a character stamp a realistic feel or to brighten up an outline image. There are many different ways of adding color to stamping projects and fortunately for a beginner stamper, most of these items are readily available. A pack of chalks, watercolor paints or marker pens are ideal for many beginner projects.


Embossing Powders

Embossing powder
Kate Pullen
Heat embossing is a great way to give a professional finish to a rubber stamping project. There are many different types of embossing powders available, however beginner stampers will find that a jar of clear embossing powder will be extremely useful for many projects.


Stamps for Stamping Projects

There are different types of stamp available
Kate Pullen
.... and not forgetting stamps! Stamps are at the heart of every stamping project. There are many different types of stamps available and the choice is not just rubber. The basics of choosing a stamp for a stamping project remain the same regardless of the stamp type.

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