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Tips for Successful Rubber Stamp Storage

Storing Rubber Stamps Correctly Will Help Ensure Excellent Stamping Results


Implementing sound rubber stamp storage practices will help prolong the life of your stamps and storing rubber stamps correctly will ensure good reliable stamping results every time. A well organized stamp storage system will also help you find the perfect stamp every time without rummaging through boxes and draws.

Every stamper will have their favored way of storing rubber stamps, however there are a few key requirements that are important to bear in mind which ever way rubber stamps are stored.

Store Mounted Wooden Rubber Stamps on a Flat Surface

Mounted stamps require a rubber stamp storage solution that allows them to be stored with the die side (the image) face down on a smooth surface. Prolonged resting on an uneven surface, for instance a surface with ridges, may cause permanent dints in a stamp and render it unusable.

Do Not Stack Rubber Stamps

Do not stack too many stamps on top of each other. The weight of the stamps can damage the stamps at the bottom of the pile. Uneven edges will also result in the damage of the stamps as detailed above. Consider a rubber stamp storage solution that allows you to store your big and heavy stamps at the bottom.

Store Rubber Stamps Away From Sunlight

Keep rubber stamps away from sunlight. Direct sun onto a rubber stamp can damage the rubber and result in unreliable stamping results.

Store Unmounted Stamps Flat

Unmounted stamps are easier to store giving you a wider choice of rubber stamp storage systems. They can be attached to acetate, stored in folders or cd cases, kept in envelopes or safely filed in a number of places. However unmounted stamps are stored, it is important to ensure that they are lying flat. The stamps can easily get damaged if bent or twisted.

Attach Loose Clear Stamps To Acetate

Attaching clear stamps to acetate will help to keep them flat and also make them easier to find.

Keep Stamps Dust free

Ensure that your rubber stamp storage system protects your stamps from dust. Storing rubber stamps correctly is particularly important for cling stamps, as dust can stop them from adhering to an acrylic block and making them difficult to use. Plastic folders and envelopes, cd cases and many other containers are ideal for storing stamps and keeping them away from dust and dirt.
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