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Types of Rubber Stamps

Mounted Stamps, Clear Stamps, Foam Stamps and More!


There are many different types of stamp available. We take a look at some of the different types of stamp for use in craft and what stamping projects they are particularly suited to.

Mounted Rubber Stamps

Mounted rubber stamp
Kate Pullen
Wood mounted rubber stamps are perhaps what most people think of when they think of rubber stamps. These stamps are supplied ready to use in a wide variety of styles. Good quality rubber stamps produce very detailed images. 'Deep etched' rubber stamps are ideal for stamping onto fabric or into soft surfaces such as pottery or air dry clay.

Unmounted Rubber Stamps

Unmounted rubber stamp
Kate Pullen
Unmounted rubber stamps are an increasingly popular alternative to mounted stamps. These stamps consist of just the 'die' part of the stamp. Users can either permanently mount the stamp or can use a temporary mounting system such as cling foam to use the stamps with acrylic blocks. Unmounted stamps are often cheaper than their mounted counterparts and most stamp manufacturers offer both mounted and unmounted stamps.

Clear or Acrylic Stamps

Clear acrylic stamp on a stamp block
Kate Pullen
Clear or acrylic stamps are very much part of the 'stamping revolution'. These clear stamps temporarily adhere to acrylic blocks making the precise placement of stamps simple and straightforward. They are available in all sizes and styles. After stamping, clear stamps are simply cleaned and popped back onto a backing sheet ready for the next use. These stamps are typically sold by the sheet and represent excellent value for money.

Foam Stamps

Foam Stamps
Kate Pullen
Foam stamps are great for stamping large or bold images. These stamps are light weight and are also ideal for children. Foam stamps are best used with paints and are often used for interior decorating as well as smaller stamping projects.

Digital Stamps

Digital Stamp
Kate Pullen
Digital stamps are becoming increasingly popular. They present a stamper with a whole new range of crafting opportunities and can be an interesting alternative to traditional stamps.
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