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Rubber Stamping for Beginners


Here you will find all the information that you require to start rubber stamping! Whether you're looking for advice on choosing rubber stamps, picking the right inks or information about the essential techniques, here's all the information new stampers need to get started stamping.
  1. Getting Started
  2. All About Rubber Stamps
  3. Essential Supplies
  4. Rubber Stamping on a Budget
  5. Simple Stamping Projects

Getting Started

Getting Started Stamping

The information that you require to stamp your first image, from picking your first stamps to tips for stamp storage.

All About Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamp

Learn more about the different types of stamps, including traditional mounted stamps, unmounted stamps and the increasingly popular acrylic or clear stamps. These articles profile the different types of stamps and how they are used.

Essential Supplies

Embossing Powder

The key supplies that you require to create a wide variety of rubber stamping projects, including useful tools and materials.

Rubber Stamping on a Budget

Unmounted Stamps

Shopping hints and tips to help you get the most from your stamping supplies!

Simple Stamping Projects

Simple Stamped Card

Here are a few ideas that are ideal for your first stamping projects! These are simple projects that are also easy to adapt and customize for a variety of occasions.

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