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Greeting Card Sentiments

Find ideas for sentiments and words for greeting cards.

Printable Graduation Sentiments
Use these printable graduation sentiments to add to handmade cards or scrapbooking projects. The sentiments are available in JPG and PNG files, making them ideal for digital crafting as well as printing.

Free Printable Mother's Day Greeting Digital Stamp
Add these simple free printable Mother's Day greeting digital stamps to your handmade cards. Simply download, resize and print. There are two versions available, one is an outline image that you can color.

Free Printable Mother's Day Sentiments
Add these simple free printable Mother's Day sentiments to your handmade cards.

How to Add Sentiments to Greeting Cards
Tips and ideas for adding sentiments and greetings to handmade cards.

Birthday Card Sentiments
Find ideas for sentiments and greetings to add to handmade birthday cards.

Christmas Card Sentiments
Picking the right sentiment or greeting for a hand stamped Christmas card can put the perfect finishing touch to a rubber stamping project.

Easter Sentiments and Sayings for Cards
Finding sentiments and greetings for handmade Easter cards.

Father's Day Card Sentiments
Find the right sentiments and greetings for handmade Father's Day cards.

Mother's Day Card Sentiments
Sentiments and greeting ideas for handmade Mother's Day cards.

Saint Patrick's Day Sentiments and Sayings
Add a special finishing touch to a handmade St Patrick's Day card with a well chosen sentiment or saying. There are a wide variety of Irish themed sayings and sentiments to pick from.

Thank You Card Sentiments
Add a sentiment to your hand stamped thank you cards.

Thanksgiving Sentiments
Finding the right words for a Thanksgiving project can sometimes be difficult. Take a look at this list of ideas to find Thanksgiving sentiments, verses, poems and more.

Valentine's Day Card Sentiments
Sentiments and greetings for handmade Valentine's Day and other romantic themed cards.

Wedding Card Sentiments
Find ideas for sentiments and greetings to add to wedding cards.

Your Favorite Greeting Card Sentiments
Share your favorite greeting card sentiments and verses.

Free Printable Sentiments
These free printable sentiments are ideal for adding to handmade cards and other projects. Each sentiment is in a separate file that you can download to your computer to resize if required before printing. The sentiments are in a png format with a transparent background which means they can be combined with other digital stamps and images if...

Sentiments for Sympathy Cards
Readers are invited to submit their favorite sentiments and sayings for sympathy cards.

French Printable Sentiments for Card Making and Scrapbooking
Free French printable sentiments for your card making, scrapbooking and other projects!

Printable Numbers 0 - 9
Add these numbers to any handmade card to turn it into a special birthday card.

Congratulations Printable Sentiment / Digital Stamp
This 'congratulations' sentiment has a comic book font making it ideal for a variety of projects.

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