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Free Printable Birthday Sentiments

Use for Handmade Cards, Scrapbooking and Other Projects


Use these free high resolution printable birthday sentiments to add to handmade cards or scrapbooking projects. The sentiments are available in JPG and PNG files, making them ideal for digital crafting as well as printing. These images are high resolution and ideal for resizing. They can be resized to make large frames or used to make small embellishments.
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Printable Birthday Sentiment - Scallop Edge 1Free Printable Birthday Sentiments - Round Scallop 1Printable Birthday Sentiment - Scallop Edge 2Free Printable Birthday Sentiments - Round Scallop 2Congratulations Printable SentimentCongratulations Printable Sentiment - Scallop EdgePrintable Birthday SentimentBirthday Sentiment Spiral Text
Printable Birthday Sentiment Birthday Scallop Edge - Spiral TextHappy Birthday Oval Scallop EdgeHappy Birthday Scallop OvalScallop Edge FrameBirthday Scallop Edge Frame
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