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How to Add Sentiments to Greeting Cards

Add Your Own Customized Sentiments to Greeting Cards


Sentiments or greetings are an important part of greeting card design. The sentiment will give the card its message. This will cover many occasions from a simple Happy Birthday or imparting words of comfort. Finding the 'right' words is half the battle - incorporating them into your card design is the other half! There are many simple techniques, however, that will allow you to customize your handmade cards by adding the perfect words.


Deciding where and how the words are to be featured is an important part of the card design process. If the words are to appear on the front of the card, then it is essential that they complement the overall 'feel' of the card design. Words that are to be written insider the card are giving an important message and as such should be bold and easy to read as well as also complementing the card design. Here are some ways to add sentiments and sayings to an greeting card:

  • Sentiment Stamps – if you are lucky enough to have the perfect sentiment stamp then it is simple to stamp a sentiment onto a card. Experienced stampers can stamp directly onto the card itself. Newer stampers, however, or people who worry about a stamping 'wobble' spoiling their card, may wish to stamp onto a piece of paper or cardstock and add this to the card. Tip – draw a border around the sentiment or color the edges using a complementary colored pen or ink pad to draw the sentiment into the main card design. This will stop it from looking as though it has been simply stuck on as an afterthought.
  • Alphabet Stamps – alphabet stamps are a good fall back for the times when the perfect sentiment stamp remains elusive. As this entails stamping each individual letter separately, beginner stampers or stampers in a hurry may want to opt for short sentiments. Tip – stamp onto scrap paper first to see how much room a stamped sentiment will take. If you need to split the sentiment over multiple lines of text, experiment to see how different configurations will look.
  • Printed Text – adding printed text to a rubber stamping project can often be a good alternative, particularly when time is short and the right sentiment stamps are not to hand. There are many fonts that are suitable for cards. Again, match the style of font to the design of the card.
  • Stickers and Rub-ons - stickers and rub-ons are a handy alternative to using rubber stamps. They are available in a variety of shapes and styles and adhere to paper or card. Stickers and rub-ons can feature full sentiments, single words or just letters. These can be a good fall back for when the perfect stamp is not available.
  • Handwriting – many people are concerned at the thought of handwriting sentiments or sayings on cards, worrying that bad handwriting may detract from the beauty of a handmade card. This is usually far from the truth, however, as a handwritten sentiment adds a special touch that makes the card even more unique.

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