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Add Three Dimensional Embellishments to Handmade Cards


Make a Card with a Three Dimensional Embellishment
Three Dimensional Embellishment

Three Dimensional Embellishment

Kate Pullen
Three dimensional ornaments are simple to adapt for use as embellishments on greeting cards. These add a striking finishing touch and turn a simple card layout into something a little different. Do remember, however, that three dimensional embellishments add bulk to a card and therefore will need to be packed in a box rather than an envelope.

The three dimensional ornament was created using these instructions - Three Dimensional Ornament. Instead of using a heart template, I used a rubber stamp with a heart image.

Materials Required
  • Greeting card blank or piece of cardstock folded to make a card.
  • Rubber stamps
  • Ink
  • Greeting card blank or cardstock
  • Paper to create the three dimensional ornament
  • Ink and scissors
  1. Make a three dimensional heart following the instructions.
  2. Stamp a design on the card
  3. Rub ink around the outside and the edges of the card
  4. Attach the three dimensional heart to the card
  5. Add further embellishments such as glitter glue

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