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Make Halloween Paper Bead Earrings


Make Halloween Paper Bead Earrings
Paper Bead Earrings

Paper Bead Earrings

Kate Pullen

These Halloween paper bead earrings look very effective, yet are deceptively easy to make. The paper beads are teamed with glass beads. The glass beads help to give weight to the earrings while also holding the paper beads in place.

One of the benefits of paper beads is that they are light weight and as such relatively large paper beads can be turned into earrings and worn with comfort. Use your favorite Halloween themed rubber stamps to decorate the paper before creating the paper beads. I used a cobweb stamp, however as much of the image gets disguised as part of the bead making process, it does not matter what type of stamp that you use. Make some paper beads in different colors and give them to friends and family as Halloween gifts!

Supplies Required

  • Paper to make paper beads from (plain white copier paper will be fine)
  • Rubber stamps, ink and any other embellishments
  • PVA glue or decoupage medium
  • Craft wire (approximately 22 gauge or .6mm will be fine), accent beads and earring findings (I used earring wires)
  • Basic crafting supplies

Making Paper Beads

Here is a step by step guide to making paper beads - How to Make Paper Beads. This includes a free template that can be used to make the paper beads. This template has been designed to give a wide portion in the middle of the bead to display the stamped image. I used this design, however made it wider to make these earrings. I applied a row of small dots with glitter glue to add a little sparkle to the earrings.


  1. Make the paper beads following the instructions above
  2. Thread the glass beads and paper beads onto a piece of craft wire. Wrap the wire around itself to make a small loop at either end, snip the wire to neaten the end
  3. Attach the earrings drops to earring findings. You may opt to use a jump ring to fasten the earring to the earring wire, however I hung the drops directly onto the earring finding.

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