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Three Pumpkin Box Templates


Three Pumpkin Box Templates
Three Pumpkin Box Templates

Three Pumpkin Box Templates

Kate Pullen

These three pumpkin favor boxes are ideal for use at Halloween and Thanksgiving. These boxes are made from a single sheet of paper. The three variations allow plenty of scope for creativity.

  • Plain Pumpkin Box Template - this is a basic pumpkin box template with no other markings. This is ideal for adding your own patterns and designs or draw your own Jack O'Lantern details.
  • Pumpkin Outline Favor Box - this template has an outline of a pumpkin. Color the pumpkin with marker pens or pencils or print the template onto colored paper for a quick finish.
  • Jack O'Lantern Favor Box - if you don't fancy drawing your own Jack O'Lantern face onto the plain template, use this template as an easy alternative.

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