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How to Make Great Rubber Stamping Backgrounds Using Alcohol Inks
Alcohol ink background. Over stamped with Archival Ink (Ranger Inks).  Stamp - Hampton Arts

Alcohol ink background. Over stamped with Archival Ink (Ranger Inks). Stamp - Hampton Arts

Kate Pullen
Alcohol inks have some unique qualities and when used with glossy paper or on shiny, non porous surfaces, produce wonderful effects that are ideal for use as backgrounds for many rubber stamping projects. The inks are simple to use and the single technique is easy to adapt and vary to produce a range of different effects.

While this is a great technique for backgrounds, alcohol inks should not be used with rubber stamps as they can dry out the rubber and cause damage to the stamp. Make sure that you are working in a ventilated when using alcohol inks, blending solution or mineral alcohol and other products. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

The technique is very simple. Dots of alcohol inks are put onto an applicator and this is used to stamp the ink over a sheet of glossy paper or other shiny surfaces. One or more colored inks are used. The size of dot will contribute to the finished effect. Blending solution or rubbing alcohol is then dabbed onto the surface to encourage the colors to bleed together.

How to Get Great Results

Here are some tips for getting great results with alcohol inks:
  • Drop the dots of ink onto the pad so that are separate and do not run into each other
  • Use only 2 or 3 colors to avoid the colors blending into a single muddy color
  • Try adding a few drops of blending solution or rubbing alcohol onto the applicator pad and patting this over the page for a different effect
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