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Baking foil and alcohol inks

Baking Foil and Alcohol Inks

Kate Pullen
Try using the same technique on other non porous surfaces. Using alcohol inks on baking foil gives some unusual effects. The foil in the photograph has been scrunched up to give a highly textured feel.

Tips for Using Alcohol Inks

  • Alcohol inks are quick drying and it is a good idea to have everything close to hand when working with them. They are also permanent and this, combined with the fact that this can be quite a messy technique, means that extra precautions should be made to ensure that both the work surfaces and you are well covered!
  • When adding rubber stamped images to an alcohol ink background, use a permanent ink that has been designed for stamping onto shiny surfaces such as Archival Ink from Ranger Inks. Dye and pigment inks will not set and might smudge. An alternative is to stamp onto plain paper and cut around the image before adhering this to the background.
  • Try working with just a few large dots or lots of tiny dots to vary the finished effect.

For more information about Adirondack alcohol inks take a look at the Ranger Inks website, which also includes a useful video demonstrating this technique.

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