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Make Rubber Stamps, Including Polymer Stamps and Carving Erasers

Learn more about how to make your own stamps. This includes information about how to carve erasers to make your own stamps through to learning more about how to make polymer stamps.

Images for Making Your Own Stamps
Making your own stamps, whether by stamp carving or using photopolymer, can be a rewarding way to own your own unique images. Finding images to use as templates can be a good option for people with limited drawing skills.

Carve Stamps to Customize Stamped Images
Quickly customize your stamped images by hand carving small stamps to add additional details. This simple technique is easy to adapt.

Carving Block to Carve Your Own Stamps - Soft Block Carving
Use carving block or soft block to carve your own stamps. Carving blocks are available in many styles to suit all types of stamp carving.

Carving Tools for Soft Block Carving or Stamp Carving
A few carving tools are all that is required to carve your own customized stamps in carving block, erasers or even lino.

Gallery of Hand Carved Stamps from Free Templates
Gallery of hand carved stamps using free templates.

How to Make Your Own Stamps
Making your own stamps can be as simple as carving a shape into a potato. However, there are many more sophisticated ways of making your own stamps and this can be a great way to get the perfect stamp for a project. Some techniques require very little in the way of special equipment. The key to success, what ever type of stamp you are planning...

Learn How to Make Custom Stamps from Art Gum Erasers
If you are looking for something a little different, why not learn how to make custom stamps from art gum erasers? All that is required is an art gum eraser, knife and a little patience! In this step by step guide we look at carving a free form shape.

Lino or Linoleum Block for Linocut Stamp Carving
Lino or, to give it its full name, linoleum, is a popular carving block used by artists. It can also be used to cut small stamps for use in stamping projects.

Make Stamps from Craft Foam
Learn how to make stamps from craft foam. This is a quick and easy way to own your own custom stamps.

Make Your Own Custom Stamps by Carving Soft Blocks or Erasers
Make your own custom stamps by carving into a specially developed blocks known as soft blocks or, for a low cost option, normal erasers also work well.

Make Your Own Stamps Using imagepac / JustRite Polymer Stamp System
The imagepac JustRite polymer stamp systems bring stamp making into the home, whether you are interested in just making a couple of unique stamps or going into production.

Moldable Foam For Rubber Stamping Projects
Moldable foam is an interesting item and is useful for many rubber stamping projects. This is also a great way to produce simple customized stamps.

Potato Printing - Make Stamps From Potatoes - Potato Stamping for Kids
Making stamps from potatoes is a quick and simple project.

Product Review - Speedy-Cut Carving Block from Speedball Art Products
This is a review of Speedy-Cut from Speedball Art Products. Speedy-Cut is a soft block for stamp carving.

Speedy-Carve Carving Block
Speedy-Carve from Speedball Art Supplies is ideal for carving your own custom stamps. Learn more about Speedy-Carve and how easy it is to use in this review.

Stamping Improvisation - Stamp with Bubble Wrap!
Excellent project for introducing youngsters to stamping.

Transfer Images for Eraser Carving
If you are going to carve your own stamps then knowing how to transfer images for eraser carving is a useful technique to learn.

Transfer Printed Images for Stamp Carving
Free stencil images are perfect for using as templates for stamp carving. Learn how to transfer free stencil printable images onto carving block.

ART for the HEART by Jeanne Rhea: Rubberstamps? Polymer Clay?
An interesting idea for making your own stamps out of, and for use with, polymer clay.

How to Carve a Bat Stamp
How to carve a bat stamp in an eraser - without using a knife! Ideal project for kids.

Laser Cutting Stamps
Excellent article about laser cutting stamps.

How to Buy or Make a Custom Rubber Stamp
How to buy or make a custom rubber stamp.

Make a Potato Heart Stamp
Carve a heart stamp for a special Valentine's Day project.

How to Carve Bunting Rubber Stamps
Get started carving your own rubber stamps with this simple bunting pennant stamp carving project using a craft knife and erasers

Carve a Shamrock Stamp
Use an eraser and a sharp knife to cut a shamrock rubber stamp for Saint Patrick's Day crafts.

Beginner Stamp Carving Tutorial
Here's a stamp carving tutorial for complete beginners

Two Color Houses Stamping Project
Make cute two colored stamped houses from eraser rubber stamps

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