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Make Invitations for Children's Parties

Make Your Own Special Invitations for a Child's Party


Making your own invitations to a child's party is a great way to produce your own customized invitations. Making party invitations is quick and easy to do. It is also a good activity for children to get involved in. Creating your own special party invitations can also work out cheaper than buying ready made invitations.

Making children's party invitations needn't be complicated or time consuming. If you have never made your own invitations before then here are some tips to help you get started.


Kids' party invitations need contain some basic information. This includes:

  • Where – where the party is to be held
  • When – the date and time of the party
  • Special information – any other special information such as whether guest need to bring anything, details of anything that they might need to wear and other details that are specific to the party
  • Reply details – information about how you want the guests to respond
As long as this basic information is included on the party invitation somewhere, then the style and design of the invitation is completely up to you!

Adding the Information

While it is possible to buy rubber stamps which have the basic information ready to stamp onto an invitation, sometimes ready printed alternatives are more convenient. Blank invitations with headings for the basic information are widely available from stationary stores. This information can also be printed out at home onto your own cardstock or paper. These blank invitations can then be filled in by hand and decorated as you require.

See Invitation Templates for a range of invitation templates that are perfect for customizing for a Kids' party.


A kids' party invitation design can be very straightforward. A plain piece of cardstock, with a few rubber stamped designs can be ideal for occasions when time is short. If you have more time, however, there are a wide range of designs that you can consider:

  • Themed – making invitations that follow a party theme are a great way to get youngsters in the mood for the party. Look for suitably themed rubber stamps for a quick way to create invitations that tie in to the party theme. Pirate rubber stamps, for instance, are perfect for making invitations to a pirate themed children's party. See Pirate Card for more ideas about making pirate themed card.
  • Color - a really easy way to make great customized invitations for a kids' party that will really stand out is to use colored paper or cardstock. Amazingly quick and simple invitations can be created by printing the invitations onto brightly colored paper and adding a few basic rubber stamps as decorations. Pick your child's favorite color to make the invitations that little extra special.
  • Embellishments - an embellishment or two can transform a plain card into something quite special. Either buy some card toppers or make your own embellishments. Items such as glitter glue and stick-on jewels are also a great way to add sparkle to an invitation. See Embellishments for more information.

Get Children Involved

Older children may like to decorate their own invitations. This can be a fun way to introduce them to arts and crafts. Simple give a youngster some invitation blanks and some rubber stamps, inks, paints, glitter and other crafting materials and let them have fun!

Don't Forget the Envelopes!

Envelopes present another stamping opportunity and a great way to customize further your invitations. Add a small stamp, for instance, to the back of the envelope to follow the party theme. Remember, if the envelope is to go through the postal system then any decorations will need to be subtle and not hide the address (or cover the mail man in glitter!) See How to Stamp on Envelopes for more information.

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