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Rubber Stamping Careers

There are many opportunities for rubber stampers to show off their work or perhaps start a new career. This includes making and selling handmade cards or becoming a demonstrator. Take a look through these pages and get inspired!
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Share Photos of Shrink Plastic Projects
Share photos of items that you have made using shrink plastic!

Buying Handmade Cards Online - Readers' Tips for Buying Handm…
What tips do you have to share with people who are thinking about buying handmade cards online for the first time? Whether you make and sell handmade cards or if you are a seasoned handmade card buyer, what are the important things that a new online-shopper needs to consider?

Selling Handmade Items Online - Tips for Selling Handmade Items Online
If you sell rubber stamped handmade items online, either through your own website or blog or via an online marketplace such as Etsy or Artfire, and would like to share details of your online experience with others, then you are welcome to submit your thoughts here!

Handmade Card Show and Tell
Share your handmade cards with others! If you have a handmade card or two that you are particularly proud of then you are welcome to use this form to share your work with others. See submissions

AGCA : Australian Greeting Card Association
This is a useful printable pdf file from the Australian Greeting Card Association. This gives information for people looking to break into the card market commercially. Lots of information relevant to all countries, not just Australia.

Share Your Favorite Rubber Stamping Project
Show off your rubber favorite rubber stamping projects!

Close To My Heart, Stamps and Supplies
Large rubber stamping and scrapbooking company. Information about how to host an event or become a demonstrator.

Selling Handmade Cards - Sellers Share Their Experience
People who sell handmade cards share their experiences with others.

Greeting Card Industry Facts and Figures
The greeting card industry facts and figures can be useful information for anyone thinking about selling handmade cards.

How Can Rubber Stamping Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions?
How can rubber stamping be used to help keep the most popular New Year's resolutions? We take a lateral look at New Year's resolutions and see how rubber stamping can help achieve success this year!

Stamping Design Team Members Share Their Story
Rubber stamping design team members tell their stories!

How to Make Money From Home with Rubber Stamping
There are plenty of opportunities for earning money from rubber stamping. Whether it is earning a few pennies through selling handmade greeting cards to family and friends or developing a full time career, there are many interesting possibilities. These articles look at the different aspects of earning money through rubber stamping.

How to Make Money From Rubber Stamping
There are many opportunities for making money from rubber stamping, whether it is just a few pennies from selling on some unwanted supplies or making a full career as a designer, the possibilities are many.

How to Price Handmade Cards - Learn How to Price Handmade Cards
Knowing how to price handmade cards is an essential part of starting a handmade card business.

How to Price Handmade Cards
Pricing handmade cards is a crucial part of running a card making business. However big or small the business, getting the price right is an essential part of the mix.

How to Start Selling Hand Stamped Greeting Cards
Tips to help you start selling handmade greeting cards.

List of Rubber Stamping Companies with an Angel Policy
List of rubber stamping companies with an Angel Policy.

Make Promotional Calendars
Make calendars to promote your own handmade card business. This is an effective way to raise your profile with customers.

Personalized Stamps for Your Handmade Business
Personalized stamps are ideal for using in your handmade business. They can be used in many ways and are perfect for promoting your business.

Rubber Stamping New Year's Resolutions - Goals for the New Year
The New Year is the perfect time to set yourself some rubber stamping goals. If you are looking for inspiration for this New Year's resolution then take a look at some of these popular ideas!

Rubber Stamping Show and Tells
Welcome to Rubber Stamping Show and Tell! Here you'll find Show and Tell features where you are invited to share your rubber stamping work, experience and more with other stampers. This is a great opportunity to 'show and tell' others about your craft. There are a variety of subjects that you can contribute to and more will be added over time. If you have an idea for a subject then you are very w…

Sites That Sell Handmade Goods
This is a list of websites that specialize in the sale of handmade goods. These websites offer a low-cost opportunity to reach a wide market.

Stamping Demonstrators Share Their Story
Rubber stamping demonstrators share their stories! See submissions

What is an Angel Policy?
An Angel Policy is a form of limited license and states the terms under which a product made with a manufacturer's rubber stamps can be sold.

Share Photos of Your Folded Paper Shirt
Do you have a photo of a folded paper shirt to share? If so, post your photos here!

Summer Rubber Stamping and Crafting Ideas
What are good summer rubber stamping and crafting projects? Do you have any suggestions for projects that are ideal for the hot weather? Perhaps you have an idea for a small portable projects, or a crafting idea that's great doing outside or for working on with the family. If so, share your thoughts and ideas with others!

Pinterest and Rubber Stamping
Learn how to use Pinterest to share your rubber stamped projects with others.

Introduction to Pinterest
An introduction to Pinterest for rubber stampers.

Rubber Stampers and Crafters on Pinterest
If you use Pinterest, why not share your user name here so others can follow you!

How to Sell Your Artwork as Digital Stamps
Selling your artwork as digital stamps is an exciting opportunity. Learn how to get started and the important things you should consider before you do.

Digital Stamp Preview Template
If you are considering selling your digital stamps then you will need to think about how you present your images to potential customers. A preview template could be a good solution.

Selling Your Digital Stamps - Tips and Advice for Beginners
Do you have what it takes to be a digital stamp designer? Here are some of the things you need to consider if you are considering selling your digital stamps.

How to Price Your Digital Stamps
Learn what you need to factor in when pricing your digital stamps to sell.

How to Start a Handmade Card Business Checklist
Before you start a business selling handmade cards there are a number of things to consider. This checklist outlines some of the key things you need to do before you start!

Handmade Holiday Card Tips for Businesses
If you make and sell handmade cards or are a rubber stamp designer, giving your own handmade cards or cards that feature your designs is an important promotional tool.

How to Set Your Angel Policy
This is part of our series about how to get started selling digital stamps. If you are just starting selling digital stamps then defining your angel policy or end user license agreement is an important thing to do.

Rubber Stamps for Teachers
Rubber stamps are a useful classroom accessory for teachers. Find out more about rubber stamps for teachers and how they can be used.

Polystyrene Balls for Rubber Stamping Projects
Take a look at the website for more information about becoming an instructor teaching techniques using Buzz N Magic products.

Stampin' Up
Stampin' Up offer opportunities to host stamping parties or become a demonstrator.

Sunday International - Demonstrators
Makers of EZ Mount offer a demonstrators and teachers program. More information can be found on the website.

The Angel Company
The Angel Company sell a wide range of rubber stamping products. The website has more information about becoming a demonstrator or hosting an event.

Rubber Stamping Project Sumbissions
Would you like to submit a project to the Rubber Stamping site at About.com and share your work with others? This page tells you how to submit your work to About.com to share with others.

How Digital Stamp Designers Can Fight Pinterest Piracy
If you are a digital stamp designer who is fed up with finding your unprotected images shared on Pinterest we have some tips to help you address this issue.

Pinterest, Digital Stamps, Clip Art and Other Digital Crafting Materials
Can you pin digital stamps to Pinterest? Find out about Pinterest, digital stamps and copyright - and how it effects you!

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