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Pinterest is currently taking the social networking world by storm. If you haven't heard of Pinterest and want to learn more then check out this profile - Pinterest. This is a great resource for rubber stampers to share and seek images. You will find photos of finished projects, inspirational images, ideas for color schemes and much more. Many well-known rubber stampers and stamp companies are pinning images to Pinterest, and arguable, this is a better way to keep up with their work than more text based social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

Finding People to Follow

Following people on Pinterest is a good way to keep up to date with images that they post. You can search for people to follow, or simply set aside a couple of hours and browse through the pins and pin boards on the site and see which take your fancy. You will also find that many bloggers and artists have 'follow' buttons on their websites which allows you to follow them on Pinterest. If, after a while you find that you are following an unmanageable number of people then you can simply unfollow as required. Here are some well known names on Pinterest to get you started (I'll keep adding to this list so don't forget to add your details here if you are active on Pinterest):

Tip: - note the format below. Simply type in the username after pinterest.com/ to go to a someone's page.
  • pinterest.com/heroarts - Hero Arts
  • pinterest.com/kristenrobinson - Kristen Robinson
  • pinterest.com/stampington - Stampington
  • pinterest.com/splitcoast - Splitcoast Stampers
  • pinterest.com/skullncrossbuns - Skull and Cross Buns

Posting Your Images

If you enjoy Pinterest and other image sharing sites purely for the eye candy, and you're not so interested in it as a means to promote your work then you won't be interested in these tips. However, if you want to use Pinterest as a social networking tool to promote your blog or website then here are some tips to help:

  • Pin It button - add a Pin It button to your pages to make it easy for people to pin your images.
  • Watermark your images - you may want to consider watermarking your images. There are a number of good reasons for doing this. Remember that anyone can 'right click' and save your image directly from Pinterest, and as such your site information etc will be lost. A subtle watermark with your site information as well as copyright information could therefore be useful.
  • Information and website address - make sure you provide information about you and your website in the details section. This information gets repined with the image, therefore this is a great way to help raise the profile of your blog and your work.
  • Smaller/low resolution images - Pinterest stores the full size version of your original image. For many people this won't be an issue. However, people who provide printable images, such as digital stamps, clip art or digital scrapbooking supplies, may want to ensure that they pin small versions of the image, making it clear that people should visit your site to obtain the full-size image.

Pinterest Etiquette

Pinterest is a social networking site, and therefore the emphasis should be on 'social'. Self promotion, which means aggressively promoting your own work or spamming should be avoided. The basic rule for social networking is to 'be nice and share the love'! It is also important to make sure that if you pin an image you take the image from the originating site so the image source on Pinterest points there and not to a third party site. This is helpful as it allows people to visit the originating site to get more information. Rubber stampers also need to be aware of any Angel Policy restrictions regarding the posting of images onto third party sites. Many digital stamp companies, for instance, may not wish for the original, uncolored image to be shared. Even though it may not be a requirement, it is good practice to mention the designer and artist who designed any stamps used when you upload an image.

Are you active on Pinterest? If so, why not enter your details below so people can follow you!
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