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How Can Rubber Stamping Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions?

With a Little Lateral Thought Rubber Stamping Can Help You Achieve Your Goals!


This is the time of year when people all over the world make New Year's resolutions. These are the goals that we are hoping to achieve in the coming year. Many of us strive for similar things, such as losing weight or saving money. If you are making some of the most popular New Year's resolutions this year then perhaps rubber stamping can help you keep them. This might seem like a tall order, but read on for some interesting ideas! According to a US government website, the most common resolutions are:

Lose Weight / Eat More Healthily

This is a popular New Year's resolution and how many of us, as we loosen our belts a notch, make this a goal every year! With a little thought rubber stamping can help you to meet this goal. Think of some absorbing projects and some new techniques that you want to learn and turn your hand to these during your spare time. Having something to focus on will help to stave off boredom and the temptation to reach for calorie rich food. Use rubber stamps as a reward. Put the money that you would normally spend on cookies, cakes and other forbidden delights towards new rubber stamping supplies. This can be a great incentive!

Pay Off Debts / Save Money

Rubber stamping can be a very low cost activity. If you are a stamper who is just starting out then just a few basic supplies are all that is required to get going. For experienced stampers who are looking to save money then perhaps using cheaper supplies or looking for stamps on websites such as eBay can be a good way to save money (see How to Buy Rubber Stamps on eBay for tips and advice). Selling unwanted supplies and stamps is also an opportunity for raising some extra money. There is a ready market for second hand or retired rubber stamps.

Get a Better Job

What better job is there for a rubber stamper than a job that involves rubber stamping and other crafts? Happily there are several rubber stamping connected jobs that can be operated part time in conjunction with other jobs or responsibilities, or developed into full time careers. Take a look at Arts and Crafts Business for more help and advice about running a craft business.

Get a Better Education

Rubber stamping can be a doorway leading onto many other arts and crafts. If you enjoy adding color to stamped images, for instance, you may be interested in learning more about painting (see About.com Painting for more about all aspects of painting). If, however, your interest is more about using stamps on textiles or other surfaces then perhaps you'd be interested in finding out more about mixed media arts.

There are a wide variety of classes and courses available. Some of these are structured courses through colleges and institutions leading to professional qualifications, whereas others are ad-hoc workshops or local community classes. The cost and length of the courses also varies. The Internet provides a wealth of opportunities for a stamper looking to learn more about different arts and crafts. There are many free classes and tutorials that will help a stamper learn more and develop new skills.

Take a look at some of the other craft sites here at About.com for ideas and inspiration for new things to learn - About.com Hobbies

Drink Less / Quite Smoking

There are many reasons to give up smoking or cut down on drinking including the well known health issues. One stamper, however, recently posted onto a forum that she finally gave up smoking after receiving complaints that the handmade cards that she was selling smelled of cigarette smoke.

Reduce Stress

Rubber stamping and other hobbies provide an excellent way to help reduce stress. Just the simple act of focusing on creating something special, or simply adding color to a rubber stamped image can be very therapeutic and provide an important stress-busting diversion.

Take a look at this article at our About.com Stress site for more information about using hobbies to help reduce stress levels.

Take a Trip

If you are looking for a reason to take a trip then how about attending a stamping or craft show, visiting a stamping or craft store or meeting up with fellow stampers from elsewhere in the country. Trips further afield could include taking a craft themed cruise. Cruises that combine the luxury of a cruise holiday with crafting activities including rubber stamping, are becoming increasingly popular.

Help Others

It is so easy to use rubber stamping to help others. Small rubber stamped items like gift tags and greeting cards can be sold to raise money for a charity (check the Angel Policy of the stamp company before selling cards to make sure that this falls within the terms of the agreement). Other ways to help others with rubber stamps is to run workshops introducing children to stamping, donating unwanted supplies to youth groups or other good causes and raising awareness of charities by creating designs using special stamps (for instance the pink ribbon breast cancer awareness stamp).

Rubber stamping isn't a miracle craft - however with a little creative thought, rubber stamping can be used to give you a little extra push to meet your New Year's goals.

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