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Rubber Stamping New Year's Resolutions - Goals for the New Year

Ideas for Rubber Stamping Goals and Resolutions


What are your rubber stamping New Year's resolutions this year? I would wager that at least one of the resolutions below will feature somewhere on your list!

Here are some ideas for how to achieve your New Year rubber stamping goals!

Spend Less

One of the reasons why rubber stamping is such a great hobby is because it is easy to create lovely things with the minimum of equipment and supplies. Well, that is how it starts! It can soon blossom, however, into an all encompassing passion which results in every waking hour and every spare penny being dedicated to the art of stamping. With so many 'must have' items, what started life as a low cost hobby can soon end up high cost.

Here are some tips to help you save money when buying rubber stamping supplies:

Stamp More

We all want to stamp more! Learning new techniques and exploring stamping onto different materials can open up all sorts of new stamping opportunities. Why not set a goal of learning a new technique or stamping onto a different surface each month.

Be Better Organized

Storing items safely and making sure that everything is well labeled is a good first step to being better organized. There are many good reasons why having a well organized work space is important. It makes finding supplies easier, gives a better surface for stamping on (it is difficult to achieve great results when perched on a corner of an overcrowded desk) and having everything labeled and recorded reduces the chance of buying duplicate items. Take a look at Rubber Stamp Storage for more storage ideas.

Have a Clear Out

Having a clear out and getting rid of unwanted items can not only help provide a clearer working space but it can also be a good way to raise a little extra cash or new supplies. Selling unwanted supplies on websites such as eBay or using the 'supply' category of Etsy is simple to do. Swaps are another way of getting rid of unwanted supplies. Many stamping and crafting groups hold regular swaps and this can be a good opportunity to try some different products.

Earn Money

Whether you want to earn a few pennies or develop a proper living from rubber stamping, the possibilities do exist. Take a look at Earn Money from Rubber Stamping and Selling Your Work for more information and ideas.

'Meet' Other Stampers

The Internet offers some wonderful opportunities for virtually meeting and networking with other stampers. It is so simple to communicate and share ideas with stampers from all over the world with little more than a click of the mouse! Why not help build a community here at our Rubber Stamping forum? You are very welcome to join or start a discussion and post photographs of your work (see How to Post Images in the Forum for more information. If you would like to share your thoughts or comments about your favorite rubber stamping products then take a look at these reviews Rubber Stamping Reviews and add your comments in the boxes at the bottom of the relevant page.

Show Off Your Work

Why not share your rubber stamping projects with others! In addition to posting photographs in our own Rubber Stamping forum, why not submit photographs to a rubber stamping magazine. If you are a creative stamper or keen designer, then how about applying to join a design team. One great place to find out about new design team calls is PubCalls. Good Luck!

Stamping for Good Causes

There are many ways of using rubber stamping to help others. Cards and gift tags can be made and sold for charities. Large online auction sites such as eBay offer users the opportunity to run charity auctions. Why not use this to sell off some unwanted supplies for a good cause?

Other ways of helping others includes running classes or workshops for community groups or at residential homes. Supplies are always welcomed by youth or church groups. Do you stamp for a good cause? Why not send me an email and I'll publish a list of ways that stampers can help others.

Good luck with your New Year rubber stamping goals - may this be a year to remember!
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