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How to Make Money From Home with Rubber Stamping

Make and Sell Items with Rubber Stamps to Sell


There are plenty of opportunities for earning money from rubber stamping. Whether it is earning a few pennies through selling handmade greeting cards to family and friends or developing a full time career, there are many interesting possibilities. These articles look at the different aspects of earning money through rubber stamping.

1. How to Earn Money From Rubber Stamping

This article looks at some of the key opportunities for making money with rubber stamping, including making and selling handmade cards and becoming a demonstrator for a rubber stamp company.

2. Websites for Selling Handmade Arts and Crafts

This is a list of websites that specialize in the sale of handmade arts and crafts plus crafting supplies. These sites are a great way to sell your own hand stamped items or to test the water before starting your own online store.

3. How to Price Cards

Getting the pricing and costing right on your cards is important when you are starting out. Price them too high and they will not sell, too low and they end up costing you money! Successful pricing entails taking into account all of your costs plus market conditions.

4. Tips for Selling Handmade Cards

Whether you sell your cards direct to family and friends, or through a website or other channel, here are a few key tips that will help you succeed.

5. What is an Angel Policy

If you are going to sell handmade cards using rubber stamps it is important that you know what an Angel Policy is and how it applies to you. An Angel Policy is the terms under which a stamp designer sells their stamps. Some stamp manufacturers and designers prohibit the sale of items created using their stamps, so it is important to check the situation early on.

6. List of Rubber Stamping Companies with an Angel Policy

Many rubber stamping companies have an Angel Policy. This clearly states what can be done with their stamps. This list looks at the Angel Policy of over 50 rubber stamping companies and it is frequently updated.
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