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Rubber Stamping Projects for April

Reasons to Rubber Stamp in April


Here are some ideas for rubber stamping projects for April

1st - April Fool's Day- Take a look at the top 100 April Fool's jokes of all time and recount one or two in a card - suitably illustrated, of course, with rubber stamps.
2nd - Anniversary of the Birth of Hans Christian Anderson - Born this day in 1805, Hans Christian Anderson is best known for his fairy stories. Mark the day by writing a short fairy story of your own, perhaps using a rubber stamp or two for decoration.
2nd - Anniversary of the Birth of Casanova - send a card to the Casanova in your life!
2nd - International Children's Book Day - celebrate the day by making a rubber stamped bookmark or two
2nd - US Mint Anniversary - celebrate the first US Mint being established in 1792 by giving someone a coin packaged in a rubber stamped gift box. See About.com Coins for more information about coins and the US Mint.
2nd - Love Our Children Day - help to raise awareness of the work of Love Our Children. Make cards to sell to raise money. See Love Our Children for more information.
3rd - Hospital Admitting Clerks Day - a day to recognize the work done by admitting clerks in hospitals throughout the US and Canada. Make a card to say 'thank you'.
3rd - Birthday of Doris Day - put on your apron and do your best Doris Day impersonation. Failing that - how about celebrating the day by using a line or two from a Doris Day song or movie in a project. See DorisDay.net for ideas.
4th - CND Peace Symbol Displayed for First Time- this iconic symbol is known the world over. With its simple shape and bold lines this is an ideal shape for stamp carving and creating your own stamps to use in peace inspired projects.
5th - Pocahontas Marries John Rolfe - in 1614 Pocahontas marries John Rolfe. The story of Pocahontas is well known and has captured the imagination of generations the world over. Disney told the story of Pocahontas in the animated movie. Pocahontas is one of the Disney princesses. Make this the theme for a project or create your own special princess by adding crowns and other embellishments to your rubber stamped images.
6th - Drowsy Driver Awareness Day - make an awareness note for the car to remind the driver to have a break. Laminate this to make it more permanent.
6th - Tartan Day - celebrate your own or someone else's Scottish roots. Make some Scottish Oat Cakes and present them in a bag with a rubber stamped bag topper to make a Scottish themed gift .
7th - No Housework Day- Woohoo! Celebrate the day with stamping! Pick your favorite stamping project and have fun!
7th - Anniversary of the Metric System - the metric system was developed and adopted in France in 1795. Mark the day by printing out these useful conversion tables which are handy when following projects without conversions.
8th - Hana Matsuri (Flower Festival - Japan)- celebrate by making some paper flowers and adding some rubber stamped decorations.
9th - Jumbo the Elephant - arrives in the US. Why not mark the occasion by investigating some 'elephant dung' paper - yes, really! Mr Ellie Pooh and companies like it help support elephants through using their dung in innovative ways.
10th - National Sibling Day - make a special card for a sibling to tell them that you are thinking of them. Quotations can provide great great inspiration for handmade cards. Take a look at some of these quotes for inspiration - Sister Quotes and Family Quotes.
10th - Safety Pin Patented - in 1849. Make a safety pin charm brooch using a safety pin and charms made from rubber stamping on shrink plastic.
11th - Birthday of Dale Messick- the creator of the cartoon character, Brenda Star. Use rubber stamps to make your own comic strip. This can make an interesting greeting card.
12th - National Licorice Day - make some licorice chews and present these in a gift bag to make a pretty gift.
13th - Thomas Jefferson Day - use some Thomas Jefferson quotes as themes for cards - for instance, "I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it" which would make a great card!
14th - Moment of Laughter Day - add a joke to a card to raise a smile Stuck for a joke? Take a look at our Humor site.
15th - First McDonalds Opens in 1955 - get out your burger themed stamps or failing that, why not make some recipe cards with your favorite burger recipes on them?
15th - Sinking of the Titanic - watch the film and work on some stamping projects. Coloring is a great way to pass the time!
16th - National Stress Awareness Day - hobbies, such as stamping, are a great way to alleviate stress. If you are thinking about taking up a craft, or know someone that is, then take a look at this article - Learn a Craft
17th - Anniversary of the First Appearance of Daffy Duck - use this as inspiration for a stamping project!
18th - National Auctioneers Day - take a look a the largest worldwide auction, eBay, and see if there are any bargain stamps to be had - everyone loves a bargain!
19th - National Hang Out Day - 'hang out' in this instance refers to hanging washing on a line. Make your own funky clothes pegs or clothes pins using rubber stamps. These are also great for using as card holders.

See more April stamping ideas on the next page. If you have any ideas to add for this or coming months, please send me an email.

Note: This list has been compiled from a number of websites and not from any official sources, therefore no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy or authenticity of some of these dates - particularly some of the more unusual or bizarre dates.
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