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Make a Paper Cone Angel with Free Printable Template


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Christmas Cone Angel Tutorial and Printable Template
Paper Cone Angel

Paper Cone Angel

Kate Pullen

Make a paper cone angel or two to brighten up your festive decorations. This paper cone angel is perfect for Christmas and the holidays. She can be adapted in many ways, for instance, add a wand to turn her into a holiday fairy! The paper angel is formed in two pieces. The body is made from a paper cone and the head is created separately and sits loosely on the top of the body. The head is not attached to the body and this means that you could create two different faces and turn them around as the mood takes you! You can create your own head and body or use our free printable templates.

I decorated the angel's dress with snowflake rubber stamps to give a festive feel and used cooking foil to create her hair. Pieces of scrapbook or decorative paper would also work well to create the dress and yarn, fiber or colored paper could be used to create her hair.

Materials Required

  • Heavy weight paper or thin cardstock
  • Rubber stamps, inks and any other embellishments required to decorate the angel
  • Cooking foil or other materials for hair
  • Glue, scissors and basic craft supplies.
See the following pages for a step by step tutorial show you how to make this angel.
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