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Templates, Projects and Tutorials to Make Handmade Gift Packaging

Customize Your Own Handmade Gift Packaging these Templates and Projects


Gift packaging is simple to make and is ideal for decorating with rubber stamps. These make quick rubber stamping projects that are fun to make and give a lovely personal touch to a gift.

Making your own gift wrap is ideal when you are looking for something a little different. It is also a great way to save money. Many types of gift packaging can be created from cheap or recycled products. Craft paper, plain cardstock, and general odds and ends of craft materials, such as ribbons and other embellishments, are all that is required to create great gift wrap. Simply decorate this with your favorite rubber stamps!

1. Simple Gift Bag for Rubber Stamping

Simple gift bag for rubber stamping
Kate Pullen

This easy-to-make gift bag is perfect for decorating and customizing with rubber stamps. Simply add a rubber stamped image to the front of the bag or decorate the paper or cardstock with stamped images before making the bag. Add ribbon or cord for handles and use a sticker to close the bag. This paper gift bag is easy to adapt and vary and can be created in many different sizes.

2. Folded Paper Tray

Folded Paper Gift Tray
Kate Pullen

The folded paper tray is perfect for presenting a wide range of gifts. This would work particularly well as a way of presenting handmade food gifts such as handmade candies or cookies. It will be a great way to present bath time treats. The template is available in two sizes.

3. Handbag Gift Bag

Handbag Gift Bag
Kate Pullen

This is a fun gift bag that is perfect for packaging gifts of all types. Customize this bag by changing the colors and pattern of the paper to make it suitable for any occasion.

4. Pillow Box Template

Pillow Box Template
Kate Pullen

Pillow boxes are a versatile form of gift packaging. This template will make pillow boxes in two sizes, however you can also resize the template on your printer or using a photocopier.

5. Owl Bag Topper

Owl Bag Topper
Kate Pullen

This free printable owl topper is a great way to top a simple paper gift bag! Color the owl with marker pens or cut the owl from decorative paper and create a paper layering effect.

6. Folded Gift Boxes

Gift boxes
Kate Pullen

These simple gift boxes are simple to make and are perfect for housing a special gift. Decorate the boxes with a few well placed stamped images or stamp the paper first for an all over design.

7. Make a Flat Folder

Make a flat folder
Kate Pullen

Flat square items such as cds, small books or photographs can easily be housed in this quick-to-make flat folder. Make these simple folders from two different colored pieces of paper to emphasize the design. These are easy to rubber stamp and can be created to match or complement other items such as greeting cards and other gift wrap.

8. Simple Paper Baset

Simple Paper Basket
Kate Pullen

This is a quick and simple basket to make. It is formed from two circles of paper and is perfect for decorating with rubber stamps and other embellishments. This is great for presenting gifts for a variety of occasions and is particularly suited to Easter.

9. Easy Paper Basket

Simple Basket
Kate Pullen

This is a simple basket to make and while we've used it as an Easter basket as you can see in the photo, this basket will adapt to a wide variety of other occasions and can hold a range of gifts. Vary the theme of the basket by using different papers and embelleshments.

10. Heart Box Template

Heart Box
Kate Pullen

Make this heart shaped gift box for Valentine's Day, weddings or simply to show someone that you love them! This box is quick and easy to make using this free printable template.

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