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DIY Wedding Petal Cone Templates and Tutorials


Create your own unique wedding petal cones using these templates and rubber stamps. Pick your favorite stamp or design your own. Use inks that complement your color scheme to give a coordinated look.

1. Make a Rubber Stamped Doily Petal Cone

Doily Cone
Kate Pullen
A simple project detailing how to make and decorate doily petal cones. These are ideal for weddings or party favors, and are great for holding petals or other confetti for wedding tosses.

2. Four Sided Cone Template

Four Sided Cone
Kate Pullen
Interesting cone that has flat sides which are perfect for rubber stamping. This cone is easy to adapt and vary in size.

3. Petal Cone Template

Step by step instructions and a printable pdf template. Use plain paper and stamp decorations before creating these cones.

4. Simple Cone Template

Printable template for a simple cone

5. Cone Template

There is a simple cone template on this website that will work well with a number of stamps. There is also a variety of other templates that might be of interest for use with other rubber stamping projects.

6. Wedding Cone Instructions

This project explains how to make wedding petal cones and includes a printable pdf template.

7. Icicle Box

This box is an interesting variation on a cone and would make a lovely wedding favor or petal cone which can be customized with rubber stamps.
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