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If you are looking for ways to use your rubber stamping skills, take a look through these pages.
  1. DIY Gift Packaging (21)
  2. DIY Party Decorations (6)
  3. Decorations and Ornaments (21)
  4. Paper Folding (14)
  5. Rubber Stamp Jewelry (23)
  6. Rubber Stamping and Clay (27)
  7. Rubber Stamping and Shrink Plastic (10)

Stamped Blue Jean Coaster Craft
Here is a tutorial showing how to make a coaster from a pair of discarded jeans and decorated with a stamped image. This is a great recycling craft as well as a fun way to make a coaster with a difference.

Green Craft Round Up
With a little creativity, many items can be recycled to give them a new lease of life. This can be a fun way of going green. There are lots of environmentally friendly craft projects that are easy to undertake. This is a list of some interesting green craft projects to get you started!

Envelope Corner Bookmark
Make corner bookmarks from used envelopes. This is a quick and simple green craft and a good way to recycle envelopes.

Make an Easy Pop Up Heart Card
Make an easy pop up heart card that is ideal for Valentine's Day or simply to tell someone special that you are thinking of them.

How to Make a Paper Piercer
Make your own paper piercer using a needle and polymer clay. A paper piercer is ideal for adding interest to rubber stamping and other papercraft projects.

Make Scrap Paper Clothes Pin Dolls
Use scrap paper to make your own unique clothespin dolls (also known as clothes peg dolls). Keep odds and ends from rubber stamping and papercraft projects to make these pretty dolls that make great gifts or decorations.

Altered State of Mine - Hand Stamped Tile Coasters
Hand Stamped Tile Coaster by Candy McSween - this is a lovely project and would make great gifts

Bling Clothes Pin Card Holder
This is a clothes pin Christmas greeting card holder with a difference! The clothes pins have been decorated with rubber stamps to give a festive feel.

Customize a Baby One Piece Using Rubber Stamps
Customize and decorate a baby one piece with rubber stamped images. A rubber stamped baby one piece makes a lovely and unique gift. This simple project is a ideal for stampers looking to try stamping on fabric for the first time.

Decorate a Jar Lid to Make a Jar Topper
Decorate a jar lid to make a pretty jar topper. This is a great way to make a quick handmade gift that is bound to be appreciated.

Easy Flock Embellishment
Make an easy flock embellishment for rubber stamping projects. Use a sticker to create great embellishments!

Easy Tissue Paper Decoupage Box
Customize a plain box and turn it into something special using simple decoupage techniques. This easy decoupage box is an easy project that can be adapted in a wide variety of ways.

Favorite Gift in a Jar Recipes - Ideas and Tips for Gifts in a Jar
What are your favorite gift in a jar recipes? Do you have any ideas for unusual gifts in a jar presents to share?

Green Crafts
Green crafts are a great way to reuse old and unwanted materials. Recycle paper, cardstock and fabric using a few different craft techniques including rubber stamping to make a variety of interesting things. There are many other benefits to using recycled and repurposed materials for crafts. It is often cheaper than buying new materials. It...

Homemade Gift Ideas - Free Bath Salt Recipes
There are many homemade gift ideas that can be transformed into something extra special by presenting them in handmade or customized packaging. Bath salts, for instance, make a great gift, however put them in packaging that you've made or customized and you've made that gift a little extra special! Bath salts are easy to make at home and can be packaged and presented in glass jars or cellophane b…

How to Make a Thanksgiving Candle Holder
Use rubber stamps to decorate candle holders for Thanksgiving. This is an effective rubber stamping project and a great way to make customized candle holders.

How to Make Flowers with Flower Soft
Learn how to make Flower Soft flowers in this step by step guide. Use the Flower Soft sprinkles to add pretty floral embellishments to your rubber stamping projects.

How to Make Paper Beads and Paper Bead Projects
Paper beads are easy to make and can make stunning items of jewelry and accessories. They can be used for a surprising number of other things too! Decorate plain paper with rubber stamps and use this to create your own unique paper beads. This is a great way to create paper beads to match other items or in a specific color way. Here is a round up of paper bead projects and ideas!

How to Make Seed Paper
Learn how to make seed paper at home. This is handmade paper that contains seeds and can be used to make plantable gift tags or other paper items. This simple process is easy to follow at home and uses no special paper making equipment.

How to Make Textured Handmade Paper
Make unusual textured handmade paper at home using paper pulp made from waste paper and rubber stamps. This is a great way to produce beautiful handmade paper at a fraction of the cost of store-bought handmade paper.

Items to Recycle in Craft Projects
Many items can be recycled and used in rubber stamping projects. Pieces of fabric and lace, buttons, scraps of acetate and much more are perfect for repurposing with rubber stamps.

Make a CD Case Calendar with Rubber Stamping
CD case calendars make great rubber stamping projects. In a few simple steps an old CD case can be transformed into a desktop calendar!

Make a Metallic Looking Embellishment From Craft Foam
Create a lovely craft foam embellishment for handmade cards or other projects.

Make a Rubber Stamped Doily Cone
Rubber stamping a cone made from a doily gives a lovely customized touch to the projects. Rubber stamped doily cones are ideal for weddings and a lovely way to hold confetti. Cones made from doilies are also ideal for favors. They are quick and easy to make, however are very simple with no requirements for a cone template.

Make Masks for Mardi Gras, Carnivals or Parties
Make your own masks for Mardi Gras, carnivals or fancy dress parties! Use these templates to make paper masks to decorate with rubber stamps to make your own unique face masks.

Make Paper the Star! Use Decorative Papers
While stampers like nothing more to get busy with their stamps, there are times when a quick alternative is useful. This might be for occasions when time is short, the perfect stamps are not to hand or simply as an opportunity to experiment with new techniques.

Decorative papers, such as those used as backgrounds in scrapbooking and card making projects, are perfect for use in many othe…

Make Rubber Stamp Decorated Clothes Pins or Clothes Pegs
Decorate clothes pins with rubber stamps to create unusual gifts. Lovely rubber stamped clothes pins can be used for a variety of uses - use the clothes pins to display handmade cards, attach a magnet to turn them into fridge magnets, or use some double sided tape to fix them to a notice board to hold notes.

Make Rubber Stamped Bookmarks
Rubber stamping bookmarks is a quick and easy project and ideal for trying new techniques or using up odds and end of paper or cardstock.

Paper Boat Table Decorations
Paper boats make cute table decorations and could be used as place name cards. They are quick and easy to do, and aren't just for kids!

Papercraft Projects - Focus on Paper and Embellishments!
Rubber stamping needn't always be the main feature of a project! Here are some simple projects where paper or embellishments are the star!

Potato Printing - Make Stamps From Potatoes - Potato Stamping for Kids
Making stamps from potatoes is a quick and simple project.

Recycle a Food Container to Make a Pencil Holder
Recycle food containers, such as Pringles (tm) or biscuit tubes, to make pencil holders. These are easy to customize using rubber stamps and other embellishments. This is a great recycling craft project!

Recycle Paper and Make Your Own Unique Handmade Paper
If you like the look of handmade paper and want to make your own at home, then how about making paper from recycled paper. Simple paper can be made at home without the need of special equipment, all that is required is some used paper and a little time. This is the perfect way to make small pieces of handmade paper at home using the minimum of special equipment.

Rubber Stamp a Cake!
Step by step project explaining how to decorate a cake with rubber stamped images.

Rubber Stamped Flower Candle
Use rubber stamped images on tissue paper to make a flower candle. The project can be adapted to create candles for a variety of occasions.

Rubber Stamped Storage Files and Boxes
Make your own uniquely decorated storage boxes and files. Using plain shop bought corrugated card storage boxes plus some rubber stamps and a some creative thought, a whole range of personalized storage items can be created. The plain card boxes can be transformed into something special.

Use Free Printable Antique Christmas Postcards in Rubber Stam…
Collectible postcards add a different dimension to Christmas rubber stamping projects. Free printable copies of antique postcards are perfect for adding to Christmas projects.

Use Rubber Stamped Origami Ties to Decorate a Card For a Man
Use simple rubber stamped origami ties to decorate cards that are particularly suitable for men, whether for Father's Day or a birthday. Use complementary colored backing paper for a co-ordinated effect.

Versatile Handmade Gift Ideas - Gifts in a Jar
Gifts in a jar are an extremely versatile handmade gift idea. A wide variety of things can be put in a jar to make a thoughtful handmade gift. From ingredients to make a special cake to bath time treats, gifts in a jar will make a great gift idea for everyone!

Paper Russian Doll Projects
Paper Russian dolls make a fun addition to handmade cards. They also make fun banners and can be used in a variety of papercraft projects. Here are some ideas Russian doll projects using our free Russian doll template.

Flower Craft Project Ideas, Flower Templates and Printables
Here is a round-up of some of our free flower craft projects and free flower templates and other printables.

Rubber Stamp Keychain Tutorial
Here's a quick idea for a DIY gift - perfect for last minute presents.

Make DIY Recipe Cards as Gifts or for Yourself
Make DIY recipe cards as gifts or for yourself. In this article we share hints and tips as well as provide a free printable recipe card template

Make a Maze Book to Record Birthday Dates
Never forget another birthday with this handy birthday book. Use a maze book to record important dates. This lovely rubber stamping project makes a great gift.

Make a Maze Book - Quick Rubber Stamping Project
A maze book (also known as a puzzle book) is made from a square of paper that is cunningly cut and folded to create a versatile book that is ideal for rubber stamping projects.

Make a Foam Embellishment
Make an attractive foam embellishment using craft foam and a few simple rubber stamping techniques. Pigment powders give the finished project a wonderful metallic sheen.

Step by Step Guide to Making a CD Case Calendar
A CD case calendar is a quick and easy rubber stamping project. Use simple rubber stamping techniques and one of our calendar templates to produce a useful and unique calendar.

How to Make a Doily Cone for Rubber Stamping
Doily cones are quick and easy to make and are great for wedding confetti or as party favors. The doily can be colored and stamped to create wonderful unique cones. The cones are simple to make without the need of a template.

Step by Step Guide to Making a Rubber Stamped and Chalked Heart Card
This step by step guide takes you through the process of using clear embossing ink and coloring chalks to make a rubber stamped heart card. The handmade greetings card is great for Valentine's Day, weddings and engagements, anniversaries and a wide range of other occasions. The card is very easy to adapt and customize by using different rubber stamps.

Olympic Crafting Projects
Here are some ideas for rubber stamping projects with an Olympic theme.

How to Make Sewing Pin Heads
Make sewing pin heads using shrink plastic and rubber stamps. These make an unusual gift.

Paper Rosette Tutorial
Learn how to make paper rosettes to embellish your handmade cards or scrapbook pages. These also make great decorations for your celebrations.

Make DIY Washi Tape With Rubber Stamps
Make your own washi tape with rubber stamps and micropore paper.

Washi Tape Covered Bulldog Clips
Give bulldog clips a makeover with washi tape.

Quick and Easy Decorated Gift Bag Project
Here's a really quick way to make a pretty gift bag.

Rubber Stamp Stretch Canvas Picture
Make a stamped canvas picture.

Bottle Cap Fridge Magnet Tutorial
Make a bottle cap fridge magnet with a rubber stamped image.

Stamped Bolsa Wood Gift Box
Decorate a balsa wood box with rubber stamps.

Rubber Stamped Polymer Clay Hair Barrette
Use polymer clay and rubber stamps to make an attractive barrette or hair clasp.

Rubber Stamped Tissue Paper Decoupage Ornament
Make a rubber stamped decoupage ornament to decorate your home.

How to Create a Hot Glue Embellishment With Digital Stamps
Use your glue gun and simple digital stamp shape to make attractive embellishments.

DIY and Handmade Pillow Box for Favors and Gifts

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