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Sentiments and Greetings for Christmas Cards

Words to Personalize Rubber Stamped Handmade Christmas Cards


A simple rubber stamped handmade Christmas card can be transformed by the inclusion of an appropriate sentiment or greeting. Picking great greetings is one of the quickest and easiest ways of personalizing a card. This is particularly useful if you are using just one or two rubber stamps and a basic card layout, as changing the greeting can make the single card design suitable for friends, families, colleagues, neighbors – and anyone else who you'll be giving Christmas Cards to.

There are many ways of finding the perfect sentiment or greeting.

Buying Sentiment Rubber Stamps

Stamping a sentiment can be a quick and easy way to add a sentiment or greeting to a Christmas card. Many rubber stamp suppliers sell stamps with sentiment designs suitable for the holiday season. Sheets of stamps with multiple sentiments are particularly useful and can be a cost effective way of buying sentiments for many different occasions.

Rubber stamp sentiments do have their limitations, however, as they are difficult to adapt or vary. During the holiday season when there are so many different people to give handmade cards to, sometimes a more flexible approach is necessary.

Christmas Quotations

Christmas quotations are a great way to find a few special words to complement a rubber stamped handmade card. Quotations are a rich resource, with a seemingly endless supply of words for different occasions and are ideal for use during the holiday season. Christmas quotations extend from classic religious prayers and inspirational words, through to funny and irreverent quips or satirical one liners. This is an ideal way of customizing and adapting rubber stamped Christmas greeting cards, customizing them to the recipient.

About.com Quotations guide, Simran Khurana, has a wealth of great quotations on her site. There are quotations here for many occasions and rubber stampers will find plenty of interesting ideas and inspiration amongst her articles. Simran has listed some of her own favorites, as well as many other top Christmas quotations in these articles:

Simran has also published some other great quotations that are suitable for use over the holiday season and these include: Remember when using quotations to always include the name, if it is known, of the originator. This is only a sample of the quotations available on the About.com Quotations site, take a look around the rest of the site for lots more inspiration and ideas!

Writing Sentiments in Cards

There are very few people who really like their own handwriting! When writing a sentiment in a handmade card, however, it is important to remember that the recipient won't be judging the neatness of the handwriting. It is the thought and words that matter, not perfectly scripted writing.

Here are some tips to help make the most of even the most scrawly handwriting:

  • Use a good quality pen! No handwriting will look good when written in a blotchy ball point pen. A pen that gives a smooth consistent flow will help to give a good finished effect.
  • Write slowly and evenly. Some people rush their writing and this can result in uneven letters. A slow writing rhythm will help to produce neat letters.
  • Write naturally! There are lovely fancy handwriting styles, from intricate script through to funky styles. Unless someone is keen on calligraphy, simply writing in your own natural style is likely to produce better results that trying something new in a card. If you want to try a new style, practice on scrap paper first.
A few hand written words will complement a hand stamped Christmas card and the recipient will be delighted to receive the card even if the handwriting isn't perfect!

Printing Sentiments

Printing is a quick and easy way to produce sentiments to go inside handmade cards. This is a great opportunity to stylize the words, perhaps by finding an unusual font or printing in colors that match the inks and style of the rubber stamped image. The quotations can be used as an insert to the card or simply cut out and attached to the inside of the card. Make this blend into the overall design by drawing a border around the quote using a complementary colored pen. When printing a quotation, try to put several quotations onto a page to save on paper. See Printing Text to Use in Rubber Stamping Projects for more information about printing text to use in a handmade card.

Whether it's a simple 'Happy Christmas' or a more lengthy poem or quotation, finding the perfect sentiment will add the finishing touch to your card.

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