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Make DIY Recipe Cards as Gifts or for Yourself

Hints and Tips for Making Recipe Cards


DIY recipe cards are simple and low cost to make and perfect for decorating with rubber stamps. Recipe cards make great gifts for all occasions and are particularly thoughtful gifts for weddings and people setting up home for the first time.

What are Recipe Cards

Recipe cards are a flexible and versatile way to save, collect and share recipes. Recipe cards are simply index cards that people write recipes on. The cards are stored in a box or container to form a handy recipe reference and an alternative to a recipe book. Recipe cards are normally standard index card size which is 6 x 4” or 5 x 3”. This means that they will fit a index card holder, however if you plan to make your own custom recipe card holder then there is no reason why you can't make the cards any size or shape you require.

DIY Recipe Cards

While you can buy ready printed recipe cards, complete with designs and an outline for the recipes, they are simple to make at home from scratch. One of the benefits of making your own recipe cards is that you can create them entirely to your own requirements, whether this is to make them in a non-standard size, use special materials or simply to create cards that are different to anything you can buy in a store. To create your own DIY recipe cards you simple need ready-cut index cards or plain cardstock.

Templates make creating DIY recipe cards even easier. These are templates that you can print at home onto plain cardstock. The templates give an outline of the card plus lines where the recipe is written. The rest of the card is left blank for you to decorate as you require. We have some free printable recipe card templates here for you to download and print at home: Free Printable Recipe Cards

Decorating Recipe Cards

This is where the fun really starts! Whether you are making the recipe cards for yourself or as a gift with others, there is plenty of opportunity for adding decorations to customize the cards. Rubber stamps are perfect for this as they allow you to recreate a design or image several times over, quickly and easily. Pick a rubber stamp image that has a cookery, food or home theme or ones that have images that share a message. Here are some ideas for using rubber stamps to decorate recipe cards:

  • Coding the recipe cards – use a combination of rubber stamp designs and colored inks to create a useful way of coding the recipe cards. Use a particular color ink, for instance, to indicate recipes that are of a similar category, such as red for meat recipes, green for vegetable recipes etc. You could also consider using a stamp design or color of ink to categorize recipes into groups such as occasion, course, length of cooking time etc.
  • Designs to decorate the cards – remember that the rubber stamp designs are used to decorate the card and to embellish the recipes, and are not the main focus of the card. Therefore smaller images may be required. Stamps that make frames or corner designs are particularly good for this type of card.
  • Simple designs – look for stamps that have simple and bold designs. These are easy to use and require little in the way of further embellishment. Unless you have plenty of time, steer clear of designs that will require lots of coloring or finishing as this could be highly time consuming if you are making a large number of recipe cards.

Tips for Making Recipe Cards

Here are some tips for making DIY recipe cards with rubber stamps:
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