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How To Make a Rubber Stamped Doily Cone


Rubber Stamped Petal Cone

Rubber Stamped Petal Cone

Kate Pullen
Create your own unique doily cones that are ideal for confetti or favors by using rubber stamps. Doily cones are simple to produce, but are extremely effective. Rubber stamps can be used to follow the theme of a party or wedding, match cards or decorations or to simply customize the doily cones.

Paper doilies are readily available from a variety of places, including craft stores, and can be used as stencils. Compliment the rubber stamped cone with cards made using a doily stencil background.

The cones can be adapted by using different inks or coloring techniques.

Illustrated Step by Step Guide

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Quick

Here's How:

  1. Gather materials together and prepare the work surface. Cut the paper doilies in half.

  2. Place half a doily on top of a sheet of plain paper and use a soft chalk applicator to gently rub chalk over the lacy part of the doily. The chalk will create a pattern on the paper below, set this to one side as it can be used in other projects.

  3. Stamp the images onto the doily as required. The doily in the photo had images stamped onto it using clear embossing ink and this was rubbed with chalk to match the chalked lace.

  4. To form the cone, glue along one straight edge to the middle and fold the doily around to form a cone shape, pressing it together firmly to stick the edges together.

  5. For extra adornments, stamp and cut out two small images from cardstock and color to match the doily. Use craft wire to fasten the top of the cone together and attach the stamped images to either end of the wire. To make the wire curl, wind the wire around a knitting needle or pen.


  1. If you are making the doily cones in advance, color and stamp the doilies and store them flat, making them into a cone shape when required.
  2. Chalks may need fixing - refer to manufacturers instructions for more information.
  3. Use inks instead of chalks for deeper and more vibrant shades.
  4. A marker pen can be used to draw along the top of the doily to add additional color and to emphasize the shape of the top.

What You Need

  • Paper Doilies
  • Chalk or inks to color
  • Rubber stamps as required
  • Plain paper
  • Glue
  • A short length of craft wire to fasten the cone
  • Scissors or a craft knife.
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