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How To Make a Fish Collage Card Using Simple Rubber Stamping Techniques


Fish Collage

Fish Collage

Kate Pullen
Collage cards can be an unusual twist on a rubber stamped card and this fish collage card is fun to make and uses little in the way of special materials. By applying fish that have been cut out of rubber stamped images on top of cardstock, a 3D effect is achieved.

This is an ideal project for beginner stampers as only one stamp is required. The project is easy to adapt and can be used in a variety of ways to produce other types of collage cards. For instance, other sea creatures would bring some additional interest or perhaps change the fish to butterflies to change the scene from sea life to countryside.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 2- 3 Hours

Here's How:

  1. Stamp the fish images onto a sheet of light colored cardstock.
  2. Heat the ink if necessary to set it. Using the stamping inks, or other coloring medium, color in the outline of the fish. Single colored fish will give a classic and sophisticated look, multi-colored fish are fun and cheerful.
  3. Using a craft knife or pair of sharp scissors, cut around the outline of the fish.
  4. Take the tissue paper and cut some wavy lines to form the seaweed. Keep the pieces thin so that the fish can appear to be weaving in and out without too much of their bodies obscured.
  5. Take the folded card and determine which way up the design is to go. Gather the fish and seaweed together and lay them out on card, trying different layouts.
  6. Start to build up your collage card. Glue the items that are to appear at the back of the design first, with the items that are to appear at the front of the design last. This helps to give an impression of depth to the finished design.
  7. Leave to dry and finish the card with an appropriate message.


  1. A collage card can be any size you like, however 4 1/4" by 5 1/2" cards which are formed from half a sheet of standard 8 1/2" by 11" cardstock will fit in a standard 4 3/8" by 5 3/4" envelope.
  2. Any fish rubber stamp can be used. An outline stamp gives plenty of scope for coloring.
  3. Use multi-colored ink pads to give some additional color to the outline of the fish. The same ink pad can be used to paint the fish.
  4. A light colored background will show brightly colored paints to their best, whereas darker colored backgrounds will have a more dramatic effect.
  5. Explore and experiment with variations, perhaps using bleaching techniques or embossing to give different effects. It may be fun to produce a range different collage cards.

What You Need

  • A greeting card blank or piece of folded cardstock
  • Cardstock for fish
  • Sheet of green tissue paper for seaweed
  • Fish rubber stamp of choice
  • Stamping ink and paints or chalks to color if required.
  • Glue, glue dots or double sided tape
  • Sharp scissors or craft knife
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